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Progression Server Baking Guide (PoP)

           When starting out with Baking you will want to visit your trainer and spend 21 points at the trainer for the first 21 points of this tradeskill. Baking is one of the easier tradeskills to raise and also one of the more rewarding in my opinion. Throughout the years people are always going to want Stat food and of course as you could imagine stat food and drink only become better with time.

Baking 1 - 21

Like mentioned earlier, visit your trainer for these levels.

(Starting Recipe) Noodles 21 - 31


Cup of Flour

Water Flask

To see how many Noodles a specific Egg will yield click here.

(Direct Route) Loaf of Bread 31 - 115

Bread Tin

Clump of Dough

(Prefered Route) Fish Filet 21 - 82

Fish Filets are a great way to level your cooking up the first little bit. All of the items you need for this recipe are vendor bought and fairly cheap.

Fresh Fish

Jug of Sauces

(Optional) Batwing Crunchies 21 - 46

           Both items required in making the Batwing Crunchies can be aquired fairly easily. Bat Wings can be purchased from multiple vendors on the progression servers. To see a list of those vendors click here.

Bat Wing


(Prefered Route) Fish Rolls 82 - 110 (130)

Bat Wing

Fresh Fish

(Alternate Route) Batwing Pie 46 - 142

           Batwing pies are an alright way to level. Since Bat Wings as well as the other items can be purchased from vendors there is no farming required in making Batwing Pies!.

Bat Wing

Clump of Dough

Pie Tin


(Best Route) Filleted Bear 110 - 143

           You will want to save all Bear Fillets that you make to use in the future on Halas 10lb Meat Pies.

Bear Meat

Filleting Knife

(Best Route) Filleted Wolf 110 - 143

           You will want to save all Wolf Fillets that you make to use in the future on Halas 10lb Meat Pies.

Wolf Meat

Filleting Knife

(Best Route) Filleted Mammoth 110 - 143

           You will want to save all Mammoth Fillets that you make to use in the future on Halas 10lb Meat Pies.

Mammoth Meat

Filleting Knife

(Best Route) Filleted Lion 110 - 143

           You will want to save all Lion Fillets that you make to use in the future on Halas 10lb Meat Pies.

Lion Meat

Filleting Knife

(Direct Route) Pinemyer Pasta 143 - 191

           All of the Noodles that you made earlier and saved now come in use! You will want to make pasta from 143 - 191 then you're on the home stretch!

Jug of Sauces



(Optional Route) Jaggedpine Stir Fry 190 - 240

This is a pretty good route if you aren't looking to spend so much time in Plane of Justice foraging up the Fruits. Plant Shoots will be the hardest thing to obtain for this recipe and one thing that's nice about them is you can save any left overs you get for Cheesy Vegetable Casserole later!

Non-stick Frying Pan

Plant Shoot


(Direct Route) Planar Fruit Pies 190 - 280

This is one of the most direct routes available to you and one of the easiest considering the hardest thing to get for this recipe would be the Planar Fruit and Celestial Essence. If you are someone who has Forage all you have to do is hang around in Plane of Justice for awhile though foraging up any fruits. I also recommend you check the Bazaar every so often for them, you may be able to find a great deal!

2 Celestial Essence

Clump of Dough


Muffin Tin

Planar Fruit

(Direct Route) Cheesy Vegetable Casserole 190 - 280

Cheesy Vegetable Casserole is a great alternative to Planar Fruit Pies if you don't feel like foraging in PoJ or can't. As with the Planar Fruit Pies though, be on the look out for any Plant Shoots people list in the baz to make leveling easier.

Casserole Dish



Plant Shoot

(Direct Route) Hero Sandwhich 200 - 295

These are good to make if you're looking to really turn a profit with your Baking skills. I recommend you only start this route at 200 if you can buy a Daybreak Cash potion that gives you a 100% chance to return all materials on a failed combine. Otherwise if you fail a lot you'll just be pissing away money. If you don't have a Daybreak Potion start around 280 when you cap everything else out.

Hero Parts are farmed up in Plane of Valor off the humanoid monsters. You can also find them in The Bazaar.


Hero Parts

Loaf of Bread

Smoked Hero Parts

Spiced Hero Parts






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