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Progression Server Jewelcrafting Guide (PoP)

           Jewelcrafting is probably the most difficult Tradeskill to raise throughout all of EQ. At first it will be quite easy, yeah but as you skill it up it will become more and more costly. Past 200 you may be paying up to 500pp per combine... And if you're any familiar with Tradeskills in EQ sometimes it takes 15 - 30 combines to skill up... Now imagine how much that will cost you. Jewelcrafting is mostly done by Enchanters, since they get spells to enchant the bars used in Jewelcrafting for some of the higher recipes. If you're not an Enchanter, than of course you will need to find an Enchanter to enchant the bars for you.

           If you're looking to take on the daunting task of raising your Jewelcrafting skill then you will want to start off by visiting your Guildmaster and using your practices for the first 21 points.

Jewelcrafting 1 - 21

Speak with your Guildmaster

(Direct Route) Electrum Malachite Bracelet 21 - 74

Electrum Bar


(Alternative *Cheaper* Route) Silver Carnelian Wedding Ring 21 - 32

Silver Bar


(Alternative Route) Electrum Jasper Earring 74 - 92

Electrum Bar


(Direct Route) Jaded Electrum Bracelet 74 - 106

Electrum Bar


(Alternative Route) Electrum Opal Amulet 106 - 119

Electrum Bar


(Direct Route) Gold Malachite Bracelet 106 - 146

Gold Bar


(Alternative Route) Golden Star Amulet 146 - 170

Gold Bar

Star Rose Quartz

(Direct Route) Golden Topaz Earring 146 - 183

Gold Bar


(Direct Route) Fire Emerald Golden Bracelet 183 - 202

Fire Emerald

Gold Bar

(Direct Route) Rose Platinum Engagement Ring 202 - 242

Platinum Bar

Star Rose Quartz

(Alternative Route) Cat Eye Platinum Necklace 202 - 228

Cat's Eye Agate

Platinum Bar

(Direct Route) Platinum Opal Engagement Ring 242 - 263


Platinum Bar

(Direct Route) Platinum Ruby Veil 263 - 279

Platinum Bar



(Direct Route) Black Sapphire Platinum Items

(Direct Route) Diamond Items

(Direct Route) Blue Diamond Items

After you finish the vendor route for Jewelcrafting your only option will be to start crafting jewelry with dropped items. Black Sapphires will probably be the cheapest and best money makers. You can do Black Sapphire Platinum Necklaces or Earrings. In early EQ this is some of the best Jewelry a player can get so your skills will definitely be in demand.

Blue Diamonds and Diamonds craft mostly resist gear. In Classic EQ if they keep Mitigation of the Mighty in the game forever, Resist gear will probably always be in much higher demand than it ever was before. Especially if you play on a server that allows boxing. Boxers usually stack resists in the early days on all their characters.

Black Sapphire Platinum Necks can take you to 285
Platinum Blue Diamond Tiara to 295

Once Velious hits you will have some other options available to you as well to raise your skill. As with the other items you create you'll definitely be able to sell all of these items too.

Velium Fire Wedding Ring to 271





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