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Progression Server Alchemy Guide (Velious)

           Alchemy is a very useful Tradeskill, you can create potions for almost anything. Certain buffs, Damage Shields, Mana Regen, HoT pots, Illusion potions, Shrink potions, SoW potions and much more. Alchemy is a fairly straight forward Tradeskill to level to. As with every other Tradeskill, you will want to visit your trainer and use any remaining practice's for the first 21 points.

Alchemy 1 - 21

Visit your trainer for the first 21 points of this Tradeskill.

           Ok, so here is the deal with Alchemy on the progression servers. Sony reverted back to their old school system for Alchemy, which sadly there is pretty much 0 data for anywhere on the internet (Eqtraders, alla, lucy and really anywhere I looked, so my information was misleading since it only applied to the NEW Alchemy system.) The only form of information I could find on Alchemy which applies to these servers is on project 99's wiki, which doesn't even have the potion that will take you from 21 - what ever the trivial is.

           There are reports of the trivial being 200, 244, or anything in that general area. I'm not a shaman so I am unable to check myself! However, now I'm up to date and Alchemy is (actually) a lot easier than what I had before! There is a single combine you can do which will take you all the way up to 200 for extremely cheap.

(Direct Route) Greater Elixir of Concentration 21 - 244

Duskglow Vine

Violet Tri-tube Sap

**Be Sure to do this in a normal Medicine Bag, reinforced will not work**

Alchemy Potions List for the TLP. amazing information, every potion and how to make it on the TLP a must bookmark for any potion maker


After reaching 244 Alchemy you have two different routes. Both of them are going to be pricey, one much more than the other though. Nodding Blue Lillies which come from Old Sebilis will be pretty cheap however the Deepwater Ink route will be the more lavish one.


Deepwater Ink EQ Traders Combine List


Nodding Blue Lillies EQ Trader Combine List


The upside to both of these is you'll be able to make useful potions to use or to pass out to friends/guildies as both routes you can follow craft some rather decent stuff!








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