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Diablo 3 Beginner's Tips

           This page here is just to give you a list a tips that you will find helpful as a new player. Reading this page before the game comes out will answer a lot of your common questions and help you speed through the earlier content as you won't be spending so much time wondering what something is or what something does. Also you'll have a much better general knowledge of how things work by reading this page and won't be spending so much time trying to figure things out.

Hope this page helps you!

           Note that the tips throughout this page are in absolutely no particular order at all. I just started adding them to the page randomly and will continue to do that until I feel there are enough tips on here to help all new players get started.

List of Tips

Tip 1: When you kill a monster in Diablo 3 sometimes a red floaty ball appears. Running over this will restore some of your Health!

Tip 2: You don't have to left click on the Gold that drops in order to pick it up; all you have to do is run over top of it and it will auto-pickup. On a similar note you will have to left click all items in order to pick them up, only Gold automatically picks itself up.

Tip 3: Don't forget to break the barrels and other objects across the terrain which you come across as they have a chance to hold potentially valuable items in them!

Tip 4: There are bonuses you can receive by completing certain tasks in the game such as a "Massacre" bonus by killing a certain amount of mobs in a limited amount of time (much like a killing spree) and more bonuses for doing things like using terrain to kill monsters.

Tip 5: Certain monsters have effects such as Knockbacks, Poisons or dealing a specific type of damage. When you mouse over these monsters below their health bar it will tell you any effects they might have if they have one.

Tip 6: At the back of every dungeon there is a stone or a way that will return you to the entrance of the dungeon.

Tip 7: Almost every doodad on the landscape can be broken or destroyed. If something is in your way be sure to try and break it with any AoE type of ability (Or just left click it if it is able to be interacted with).

Tip 8: Explore everything! If you don't want to fall behind and want to get the most XP as possible it is important that you explore every nook and crany of every area!

Tip 9: Your total gold is displayed across all of your characters thus removing the need to transfer it.

Tip 10: Salvaging Magic Items is usually always better than vendoring them

Tip 11: For at least Acts 1 and 2 you can feel free to ignore white and gray items

Tip 12: Despite gray items being useful and worth selling in other games they aren't worth much in

Tip 13: For Act 1 if you want to move fast ignore barrels/crates/corpses as they don't offer that great of loot during act 1

Tip 14: Picking up "Lore" elements usually rewards you with XP (I.E Back of the Slaughtered Calf Inn grab Leah's Journal for 120 xp)

Tip 15: When you first start out stock up on "Adventurer's Gear" as it will boost your total XP earned with each fight

Tip 16: If you're going to do something silly and use a Leveling guide at least make it Almar's Leveling Guide!

Tip 17: Salvage the items you find! The crafting materials are worth something later on and on the Auction House as well!


























If you find anything wrong with the guide on this page or if you just have a comment about it please feel free to leave it below!



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