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Asheron's Call Helpful Links

Will add links to this page soon.

Asheron's Call Download Link

Helpful List of Asheron's Call Videos

Asheron's Call Youtube Playlist

Arwic Stipends & Other Free Goodies

GCKs (Grand Casino Key Rings)

The Facility Hub (How To Reach It & How To Navigate It)

The Town Network

Withered Leveling Location

Casinos & Information About Them

Death & Death Items

Housing and Muling Items

Mana Forge Chests & Mana Forge Keys

Salvage - What to Salvage and How It Works

Tinkering & How It Works

What Loot is Worth Keeping

The following links here are all of the must haves when it comes to playing AC. You should download each of these programs and install them as you are downloading/patching Asheron's Call. These are mostly recommended Decal Plugins that everyone should have when playing the game.

1. Decal Download - Decal is probably the most important download you can do upon starting Asheron's Call

2. Virindi Plugins Bundle - This is a must have plugin for Decal. A very important download as well.

3. Alinco3 - A must have plugin for Decal as well

4. Mag-tools - This plugin installs a big differently, you will have to browse for the .dll file from within Decal to use/install it ingame.

5. Evader - This installs just like Mag-tools does and is possibly the most useful install file you can have. It will clear out all that annoying evade text you see when you're fighting.










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