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Silk Cloth Farming

           Silk Cloth is the third cloth you will stumble across in the game, Linen and Wool coming before it. As with all other cloth it is used primarily in Tailoring and First Aid. Silk is actually a fairly common drop from mobs in their late 30s but since players level through this bracket so fast and so much Silk is required for professions such as Tailoring it is generally overpriced on the Auction House. On average I see stacks of silk for 15-17g but sometimes it can sky rocket in price up to 22-45g a stack.

           The good news is there are roughly double the amount of areas to farm Silk Cloth that there is for farming Wool. Also a lot of the later levels double as farming locations for Mageweave Cloth too. As with all other cloth farming locations though, it is always better (if you're a higher level) to farm instances. So, as always here is a quick list of all the good instances for farming Silk Cloth.

Silk Cloth Instance Farming Guides

Scarlet Monestary: Library

Scarlet Monestary: Armory

Scarlet Monestary: Cathedral

Razorfen Kraul

Razorfen Downs

           Well, that about does it for good instances to farm Silk Cloth in. There are other instances that Silk will drop in, of course but they aren't as good as the above instances when it comes to farming Silk. As for locations for lower level players to farm Silk Cloth, below is a list of every good location that I have found.

Silk Cloth Farming Guides:

Magram Centaur in Desolace

Gelkis Centaur in Desolace

Direhorn Grimtotem in Dustwallow Marsh

Firemane Dragonkin in Dustwallow Marsh

North Point Tower & Blackhoof Village in Dustwallow Marsh (Horde)

Gordunni Ogres in Feralas

Bloodsail Pirates at The Cape of Stranglethorn

Jintha'Alor in Hinterlands

Splithoof Heights in Thousand Needles

Andorhal in Western Plaguelands

Gahrron's Withering in Western Plaguelands





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