LBRS and UBRS Farming Guide

As you should already know LBRS and UBRS are two of the main locations that I have for farming in my 10k an hour gold guide. Both of these locations will give you an abundant amount of level 60 materials such as Runecloth, Greater Eternal Essences, Illusion Dust, Large Brilliant Shards, Rugged Leather and Thick Leather. When it comes to down right farming for Runecloth I choose LBRS over UBRS 9 times out of 10. They both have roughly the same amount of blues and greens which drop in both areas from what I have seen. I prefer LBRS for Runecloth farming since only a few of the mobs have something gay that stops you from pulling a lot of them.

The only time that I prefer running UBRS over LBRS is when Rugged Leather is selling fast and better than everything else that you get from LBRS. Now if you don't farm here with a skinner then it is nothing you have to worry about. However, if you do have skinning you should know that in UBRS you will get much, much more Rugged Leather than you would in LBRS. Another reason I also like LBRS more is because there is about 3x more chests in LBRS, which means many more items to put on the Auction House.

Now to really explain this instance to the best of my ability (besides what I already do in the video) I will need to post a map of this instance. I am going to break it down into different sections so I can easily explain the place, give you locations of the chests, bosses, rare bosses and things such as that. To start off we will take a look at Lower Blackrock Spire.

Lower Blackrock Spire Guide

This is the very first part of LBRS you will run into I marked the side rooms underneath the bridge with little small X's. You will want to pull all the mobs in the local area then line of sight them in the small rooms, like I do in the video. AoE them down, loot them up and then you will want to continue south through the tunnel and towards where it says Hordemar City. I usually pull all of the mobs from the orc with the two dogs in the tunnel on the map all the way until the blue X on the next map below (or where you watch me go in the video).

The blue X is where I usually pull the giant pack of mobs when I am farming this instance. Just past the two ogres you can line of sight the whole entire pack of them and kill them all with AoE. Loot all of them up and now, if you didn't check like I mentioned in the video to look for chests then you will want to go back and double check. Each of my Green X's on the map is a place that a chest can spawn in this portion of the city. Generally I only see one up here but there are four different places it can spawn so keep an eye out!

Now for the next part, where it says Mok'Doom on the map you will find the first boss of the instance, Highlord Omokk. In addition there is a rare boss that spawns in this room to the left upon entering up on top of the hill. He is usually here every other run that I do through here, so keep an eye out and kill him if you see him. In fact you should kill the three ogres that stand up here regardless. Now moving on to the next portion of the instance you will want to follow the path down that is north of the blue X on the map.

Now this section is very small. You will enter from the north at the blue X on my map, drag the mobs through this large room and pick up the packs that sit in here before going into the southern room with the boss and Aoeing them down. No chests spawn up here. Once you're done up here you will want to jump down or run down the stairs to get to the largest part of the instance.

Now this area is going to take a bit of description since it is so big. All of the green X's are where you can find chests throughout this area, just like how they were for the previous area. The blue X's are where an optional boss can spawn and the big red X at the bottom is where certain mobs are which have a chance of dropping a rare epic Tailoring pattern which I will talk more about when I get there. To start, round up all the mobs in Tazz'alaor, the big room that you jumped down into and pull them into the far western rooms where War Master Voone is. AoE them all down in here, loot them all up then go back out and gather any chests that you saw.

Now at the northern part of the room you will see an exit which leads to a hallway that wraps around this giant room and goes past the option boss X's. You will want to gather all of these mobs and drag them over to the giant red X at the far southern portion of the map. You can back track for chests later. Once you get to the big red X with the giant train following you dip behind the wall to line of sight all of them and then wait for them to AoE them down.

Now at this red X the mobs that have a chance to drop the epic pattern are the Firebrand Pyromancers. The pattern they have a chance to drop is the Robe of the Archmage. I usually see it on the Auction House for 500g all the time but there is no way a useless pattern is going to sell for that much now adays. I've sold a few for 50g each to people just looking to complete their collection. After you loot up and backtrack for any chests you can move on to the next part of LBRS. The next part of LBRS is so small it isn't even funny. Small and annoying that is.

The Skitterweb Tunnels have Mother Smolderweb in them, a boss spider which drops a vanity pet, which if you don't have you will want to loot. Besides that the only other thing you will find here is spiders to kill that drop loot that isn't even worth looting. I kill Mother Smolderweb, loot the blue, and then stealth past the rest of the spiders. Now the next room has an optional boss which you can summon but I skip him and the ogres here as well. Since the ogres are in too small of a pack for me to even bother AoEing down and looting plus they have double the HP as the rest of the mobs. Also you can't drag them through into the next hallway because there are groups of AoE bugs that you should also avoid since they don't drop anything worth it.

Now we are in the second to last hallway in LBRS. Here you will want to pull all the mobs in this hallway east into the Storehouse and AoE them all down. In here you will find a boss named Quartermaster Zigris who also drops a Worg Carrier which is another vanity pet. After you have cleared the whole room check for the chest and then go all the way south into Halycon's Lair. AoE down all the little worgs and kill Halycon. After you kill Halycon another pissed off worg will run into the room named Gizrul the Slavener. Kill him, loot up and skin the mobs if you can.

After you're done that you will want to head out the northern hallway just outside of Halycon's Lair. In this room you will want to kill the mobs in small packs. Not only do they have an annoying ability that knocks you up in the air the Summoners can also summon you to them which is extremely annoying. After you have cleared the room check for chests and then go out the northeastern exit which will take you to the final boss.

No chests spawn in the Chamber of Battle (the final room) and there is nothing of interest in here besides the final boss whom always drops a blue and a green which makes for some nice money. After you kill him be sure to kill the two adds that ran into the room but were obviously too late. After you kill them you are now done LBRS!

Upper Blackrock Spire Guide

Upper Blackrock Spire is the harder of the two instances, as mentioned previously, many times. Now, you already know how to get to LBRS but if you're not familiar with Blackrock Spire you won't know how to get to UBRS without me telling you so... When you zone in the bridge to the right will lead you to LBRS and the bridge to the left will lead you to UBRS. If you go across the bridge and pass a set of braziers you know you're going in the right direction. The very first part of UBRS you will come across is the Dragonspire Hall.

Now in Dragonspire Hall you will need to clear each of the side rooms which I have marked with blue X's. Upon killing all of the mobs in the room the little rune in the center of each room will extinguish. Once you extinguish all of them the door at the northern end will open up and you will be able to go to the next part of the instance, the Hall of Binding and The Rookery.

Now where I am standing on the map is where you will want to go to once in the Hall of Binding. Here you will find a little pedastle which when you click on it your character will start channeling. Let him channel for a bit before breaking it once you see all the orcs around the room break their channel and become hostile. When you pull one all of them will come so just be ready to AoE them down. After you kill all of the orcs run up to the elemental in the center, Pyroguard Emberseer. It will take awhile for Pyroguard Emberseer to come alive but when he reaches full power burn him down and then run straight south across The Rookery.

Follow the ledge up which will bring us to our next part of the map...

The upper portion of the Hatchery will have a long ramp which goes all the east. At the eastern end there is a northern entrance in the Hall of Blackhand. You will want to gather the Dragonkin up and then run in here and gather as many mobs as you can before you get annoyed with their knockbacks. There is one boss that spawns in this room, Goraluk Anvilcrack but another optional rare boss which occasionally can be found walking around here. Also if you forget from my LBRS guide, the green X marks a chest.

After you clear this entire room continue east into Blackrock Stadium. When you step into the middle of the room it will start the famous Rend Event of UBRS. Waves of Dragonkin and orcs will come out at you, all of them you will need to kill before Rend will come out at the very end. If you're a skinner don't worry about not having time to skin them because they keep coming too fast. At the very end inbetween the final pack and Rend you will have plenty of time to loot them and skin them. Even if you don't you can do it right after Rend.

Note: Don't enter the room with the eggs, stay in the middle of the arena or you will bug the event.

Once Rend is dead and you loot and skin everything you will want to head out the southern portion of the room and take the eastern hallway in the direction of where you see Blackwing Lair on the map. But instead head south towards The Furnace. In this room you will want to kill all the Orcs and Dragonkin before heading east into The Furnace and killing The Beast. Once he is dead you will want to head across the bridge to the west into Spire Throne. In here I round up all of the mobs including the boss usually and AoE them all down.

They have this annoying ability that knocks you up into the air so if this starts to bother you too much just stop and kill the mobs you have already following you before pulling the rest of the room. Once everything is dead loot up and that is all there is to UBRS!

Loot from LBRS & UBRS

Rugged Leather

Thick Leather

Large Brilliant Shards

Illusion Dust

Greater Eternal Essence


Any Tradeskill Chest Goodies