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Thunder Valley


           Thunder Valley is a Greenskin and Dwarf tier 4 scenario. You can only participate in Thunder Valley when "Thunder Mountain" is contested. The game type played in Thunder Valley is Domination. There are 5 capturable locations The Gryrocopter Hangar, Fireball Mortar, Gungnir's Fist, Blasting Cart and Firing Range. In order to gain points for your team you must capture and hold an objective. The first team to reach 500 points, or the team with the most points after 15 minutes wins.

Number of players: 12 v 12
Hold and Objective: 4 per tick
Capture an Objective: 25 Points
Kill an Enemy: 2 Points
Duration: 15 Minutes
Levels: 28 - 40

Things To Keep In Mind

- You can capture the objectives in any order.

- When your realm controls the Gyrocopter Hangar you can accept the quests from NPC's that spawn. The quests will cause the NPC's to bomb whatever location you tell them to. Bombing that location will cause players to be knocked far back.

- You gain 4 points, per tick, per objective.

- If you have more then 4 people helping cap an objective, the objective will cap as if only 4 where there. (In other words, 4 people are the most that can assist in a cap).


Normal: Send 4 people to the two closest bases to your camp (For Destro its the Blasting Cart and Firing Range, for Order its Grungnir's Fist and the Fireball Mortar.) Once you have both of these in your control fight for Fireball Mortar. It's your choice if you hold these 3 bases, or push for the other realms two.

Fireball Mortar: Have everyone rush to the Fireball Mortar. The objective is to take this base and push to the opposing realms starting point. Once you have them pinned here take the other bases.

Zerg: This is exactly how it sounds, move in one big blob and take bases as you go. This is a semi effective method and can allow you to win solely on capping objectives.

Tanks: You will always want to be near the flag, you're the most durable people on your team, there for you make the best option for slowing their cap.

Melee DPS: You will be right besides the tanks slowing the opposing teams cap. It's important that you play a defensive role, since you're not going to be focusing on kill people.

Ranged DPS: Your job is to go all out on their healers, and anyone near the flag. Try to assist who ever the Melee is attacking to guarantee someone dies.

Healers: Your main priority is healing the people around the flag. After them is yourself, then everyone else.

Maximizing Renown

           When you're in Thunder Valley it's very easy to come out a winner, even when you lose. Generally the games are very close, or one team just gets shit stomped. Since you gain 25 points for just capturing an objective, you can zerg and finish this game with 200 points. Of course this method isn't recommended, but it's nice to know you can maximize your renown easily in this SC.

Estimated XP Per (Loss): 14896xp

Estimated Renown Per (Loss): 1230

Estimated XP Per (Win): 17896

Estimated Renown Per (Win): 1863

Map of Thunder Valley

Loot Table

Rank 125, 150, 175, 200 Fragments, Curios, Gold Dust and Containers

Level 35-40 Greens

Annihilator Set Gear

Officer's Medallion





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