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Grovod Caverns


           Grovod Caverns is a Chaos and Empire tier 4 scenario. You can only participate in Grovod Caverns when "Praag" is contested. The game type played in Grovod Caverns is capture the flag. In order to capture your enemies flag you will need to make sure your flag is at your base.
The first team to reach 500 points or the team with the most points after 15 minutes wins.

Number of players: 12 v 12
Capture the Flag: 50 points
Kill an Enemy: 2 Points
Duration: 15 Minutes
Levels: 28 - 40

Things to Keep In Mind

- There are 5 paths to each flag, 3 obvious 2 not so obvious.

- Your flag must be at your base in order for you to capture an enemies flag

- The flag will return to your base roughly 3 seconds after its dropped.


Normal: When the scenario starts, click on the spawn gate for 30 seconds until you go through. Then rush the enemies flag. Having someone stay behind and defend is rather pointless since its doubtful that ether team will try and capture the flag. It will ether be a stalemate in the middle, or one team with use logic and run the flag.

If you manage to get the enemies flag, run it back to your base and cap it. The middle path is the straight forward approach. The others are if you're trying to be sneaky.

Tanks: You're the designated flag runner. As of always, since you're the biggest meanest (Maybe greenest) bastard around you're the designated flag carrier.

Melee DPS: Slow or kill anyone on your flag carrier. Or kill or slow the enemies flag carrier. Alternatively you can also slow the enemies healers if a lot of people from your team are already on the flag carrier.

Ranged DPS: Very similar to Melee DPS, you will assist in slowing anyone on your flag carrier. If the enemies have your flag you will have to help slow the flag carrier down or the flag carrier's healers.

Healers: If someone is running the flag, he is the most important person to keep alive. Otherwise no one in any specific order.

Maximizing Renown Earned

           This scenario is usually just a stalemate-farm fest which usually leads to bad XP and Renown. The good news is one of the two sides normally pushes the other team back to their spawn point. This means you will be free to run your flag all the way back to your base safely without being bothered.

Estimated XP Per (Loss): 7896xp

Estimated Renown Per (Loss): 655

Estimated XP Per (Win): 13975xp

Estimated Renown Per (Win): 1879

Map of Grovod Caverns

Loot Table

Rank 125, 150, 175, 200 Fragments, Curios, Gold Dust and Containers

Level 35-40 Greens

Annihilator Set Gear

Officer's Medallion





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