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Attacking A Keep

           Capturing a keep is as simple as killing the keep lord on the inside. Getting to the Keep lord is the hard part. Depending on what Tier you're in, will determine the difficulty of getting to the keep lord. If you're in T2, then you won't have to break through an outer wall. In T3 and T4 you will first have to break through an outer wall before fighting the keep lord.

           When you first arrive at a keep the two most important things to do are throw up a ram and have all ranged DPS focus on the Oil pot, if one is up. From the time you and your warband get here it is an immediate DPS race to get as far as possible before any enemies show up. Usually you can get down the outer door and start on the inner door before the first wave arrives to help defend.

           If you decided to take the BO's first, then you will probably have to fight through defense the second you get to the keep. If there is no defense for the keep you can easily take it for 12 or more people. A good strategy to use when you need to take a keep fast is have 5 or so people go into the postern door and set up a ram on the inside. This will allow you to bust through both doors quickly if you're struggling for time.

          Once you break through the outer door, you'll have to repeat your strategy for the inner door. The inner door has significantly less hp then the outer door, and less siege pads for you to throw up Siege weapons. Once you bust through the inner door it's time to take out the keep lord. He is on the second floor of the keep and normally guarded by anyone who is defending the keep and a few NPC's. Once you kill him, the keep is yours. A PQ loot box will drop and a guild will be able to claim the keep.

To learn more about the abilities you gain with renown ranks (Like Bypass Defenses) click here.

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- Always make sure you have at least two rams on you before going to attack a keep. On the same note always put up a ram as fast as possible.

- Destroy and avoid the god damn oil

- If you have people use Bypass Defenses to get into the keep early make sure to have a healer stand close to a wall and spam AoE heals to reach them. (If they don't have a healer already with them)

- If you're under level 35, (In T4) I highly recommend you stock up on Siege Weapons. They will greatly improve your damage output and give you a much better chance at survival.

- Always rez the dead. Also you can't rez while the keep lord is engaged.

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