Caledor Scavenging

           Outside of the Normal Pq and right near the Warcamp you'll find a little ledge with groups of DoKs standing around. This is a great spot to farm while waiting for the zone to flip. The DoK's here are super squishy which makes them super suseptable to melee AoE. Another good thing about this camp is it respawns super fast.

Curios 175+
Fragments 175+
Artisan's Relic Box
Eight Leaf Clover
Master Artificer's Reliquery
Craftman's Relic Box
Primordial Petrified Root
Carnosaur Stinger
War-Hardened Heart
Rhinox Horn
Memento of Hope


Caledor Butchering

           Caledor doesn't have any good butchering locations. All they have is scorpions, and they have scorpions everywhere. The scorpions cover the sides of almost every path throughout Caledor. In addition they are level 39/40 making the loot they drop top shelf.

Humor's 175+
Chitin 175+
Gore 175+
Venom 175+