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Multiple Updates!
Posted on April 20th, 2018

           I have a few updates for today, first thing I want to bring up is I released the next episode of the Introspection Podcast and I am currently working on the next one which should be Rule #2. I am hoping to complete this series before Summer as I have other massive plans this Summer which I have yet to unveil.

           The next thing I want to bring up is the contest I will be running next month (maybe May into June, it depends on Redbot). I will announce the specifics in a few weeks but I am going to run a contest over at Redguides and give away 10 Kronos (so 100$). You don't have to make any sort of purchase or nothing - just sign up to Redguides and you'll be able to enter into the contest. Additionally, you'll be able to enter into ALL future Redguides contests too (the last one they did around Christmas gave away over 200$)!!!!

           The reason I am hosting a contest with them is because they're going fully legitimate next month. They've removed The Bazaar (RMT section) off their website and they're changing around everything on their website to remove mention of cheating, AFK play and all that stuff they have now. Like Isboxer, they're going to be completely legit in their image from then on out and I think this is a pretty big deal for Everquest. I think this will be the first big step towards making Macroquest 2 into what Decal was for Asheron's Call.

           Those of you reading this update who play Everquest, if you want to try out Macroquest2, it isn't just for boxing. It can make your entire game better even on just 1 character, just like Addons do for World of Warcraft and just like Decal does for Asheron's Call. I mean for real, how many people play World of Warcraft without ANY addons? Can you imagine? That's what playing EQ without MQ2 is like.. I'm not even lying or exaggerating, I'm serious. This contest is a way to draw attention to this and their new image.

Head on over to Redguides to sign up today!

           Finally the last thing I wanted to mention today is what's shown in the screen shot above. This is a single year's growth to my Retro section; from when I started the section (about this time last year) until today. As you can see, it's been growing rapidly and there is a LOT of demand for codes and guides for Retro Video Games. The reason I am bringing this up is because I think I am onto something and I would like to hire someone to help me. I'm willing to pay some money out of pocket but I also would like to increase the amount of support I get from viewers like you guys.

           I received great feedback earlier this month when I posted my Patreon page and I would like to integrate this directly into my business. I'm shooting for 100$/mo which would be 1$ from 5% of my viewers a month. Here is what I plan to do for supporters in the upcoming months:

1. Contest on RedGuides
2. At least 1 more PUBLIC contest in 2018 (may be my Christmas give away that I do every year)
3. Exclusive content (Ring of Scale Farming Guide)
4. Monthly Keys for Steam Games (Giveaway) (At 100$/mo in support on Patreon)

           There's a bit more too I would like to do in the future (I may incorporate a private Discord for contributors) but I think this is a great starting point. I'd love to hire help with my website and continue expanding my Retro section while I work on the EQ guides and other things, like my podcast.








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