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Clean Your Damn Room!
Posted on April 13th, 2018

           Normally I don't do updates so close together, but this one is special. I have released Episode 2 of The Introspection Podcast. This episode talks about Jordan Peterson and his book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote for Chaos. I highly recommend you buy this book, it's on the Amazon's Best Seller's list right now and is one of the best books I have ever read in my life. The book is about Psychology and as the title suggests, it offers you 12 different "Rules for Life" which if you'd like to read more about the rules themselves click here.

           My video talks about Rule #6, Set your House in Perfect Order before criticizing the world. I decided to start with this rule since I am basically criticizing the world by making this video so I felt it neccessary to explain my motives, a bit about myself and why I decided to do this video series. I hope to do a video for each of the other 11 Rules that he has in this book and break them down in a way similarly to what I did in the video above. I've already almost finished typing the script for Rule #7 since that's the Rule that has the most meaning (for me personally).

           For a lack of better words, the book is mostly a 'self help' type of book and it'll appeal to an audience that doesn't have their shit together.... but it's not written in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable about it being 'self help'. It's difficult to explain but after you read it (or listen to one of his many different talks online) you'll probably feel like cleaning your room or getting your shit together... Maybe even being a better person. You might already know a bit about this book, or Jordan himself if you've been following popular internet culture recently as... He's become quite a sensation. You may have seen the Channel 4 News Video with him in it. That interview has spawned dozens of memes and other internet jokes.

           Anyway, I feel very passionately about the subject of Psychology and the main reason I love this book so much is because it makes some of the most important Psychology (imo), that we all could benefit from learning, accessible to EVERYONE. My only critique of this book at all is the fact that there's too much religious mumbo jumbo in it.... Which is why I am making videos for each "Rule for Life". I believe (arrogantly enough I guess) that I can distill each Rule for Life and explain what it means without any religious examples. You can be the judge on if I did a good job or not via the video above.

           The last thing I will say for this update is... I have gotten a few donations since my last update as well as a few Patreon Supporters!! Thank you so much to anyone who has given me a donation. I think this year I am going to start doing give aways of a sort and I may have the first few of them open to the public and the rest of them for Patreon Supporters only. I haven't fully decided yet, but I am definitely going to try and start doing something special for the people who support me on Patreon as well as through one time Paypal donations -- which makes right now the best time to pledge some support to me on Patreon - even just a dollar will give you access to everything. Without my supporters I wouldn't have nearly enough time to work on my website and all of this content. Thank you.


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