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Everquest Plans & Retro Updates
Posted on September 27th 2017

Gauntlet Guides

           Summer is finally starting to come to a close... the harsh months of winter are almost upon us - what better way to spend the colder months than sipping on hot coco and reliving that nostalgia experience from long long ago. Those of us in Everquest know all about this already!

           I have been having a lot of fun playing on Lockjaw running LDoNs and reliving that child hood experience.... This is ultimately the era I have waited for, when I played on Lockjaw initially it just didn't really vibe with me. I guess Classic - Luclin just isn't for me so to speak... However as the game ages it progressively gets more and more enjoyable for me.

           What this means for my fans is now that I am having fun with the game, I'll be able to cover content and write guides for it that I couldn't before. There is a lot to learn that I don't know about content in this era which is a pre req for writing guides. I'll probably push a huge EQ update later this year and early next year to help fill out all the expansions.

           In the mean time I would like to urge all of you to please use the comment feature at the bottom of the page, point out my mistakes and tell me if I am forgetting something or just straight out wrong! I'd like to make my Everquest guides as accurate and informative as possible.


           In the mean time while I enjoy Everquest I have been working diligently on getting more and more Retro Guides done. I've added a quite a few Gamecube Games to my Gamecube section as well as wrote guides for quite a few games; to name a few.


Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Breath of Fire 2

Zelda: A Link to the Past

Zelda: A Twilight Princess (The formatting is unfinished; I had personal stuff come up) - will be finished hopefully within a month

Animal Crossing (Also unfinished, will be finished by years end)

Lord of the Rings: The Third Age

Skies of Arcadia: Legends (massively unfinished, hopefully I do infact finish it soon)


           I will continue adding more Retro guides to this website over the course of 2018 as well. I feel that this will inevitably be the future of my website since Retro guides are basically eternal. I am seeing really good results with the guides I have written so far, Rogue Galaxy and Persona 3 are getting hundreds of hits a week.

           The other MMORPGs I cover, Swtor, World of Warcraft, The Secret World and Guild Wars 2 are all constantly changing and it makes upkeep on guides for them nearly impossible. Over the last two years my website has been going downhill with viewership because a lot of the games I covered are dying or already dead.

           Warhammer Online is a good example of a game I spent 4 - 5 months covering that is now completely useless. Swtor is a sinking ship if my daily viewer amount has anything to say about it. The guides for Retro games on the other hand are eternal which makes them a good stable source of viewers... forever.


           That's why I have been writing a lot of Retro guides and will continue to do so. What this means for my EQ fans is expect very large intermittent updates to Everquest. I'm going to keep working on my Tradeskill Guides and add more to them over the next year and I also have a good idea for a sub-guide for each expansion pack involving how to get gear for that expansion.








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