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Helping me out

           I'm creating this page in the hopes of finding someone who knows Everquest well and is willing to devote a little bit of their time to lending me a huge hand. If you're on my website for Retro Guides - go back to enjoying my guides!! Or if you wanna see some other stuff I am doing that appeals to retro fans... I have an employee that's putting out Youtube content and he covered a bit of Romancing Saga 2 for Nintendo Switch, Mystic Origins which is a homebrew NES game as well as Blossom Tales another Switch Game.

We plan to do a ton more with Youtube so if you'd like to follow us over there we'd love to have you!



           As for Everquest help... If you've been using my website fairly regularly you've probably noticed the massive amount of content I have put out as well as many of my old webpages being deleted. I'm rehauling basically my entire EQ section and I think this time I am really gonna do it and make guides for literally the entire game.

           What I need is really simple. I need someone to go over the guides I have written and point out any mistakes they find. I'm not really talking about subjective mistakes like "well I think you should leave this zone 2 levels earlier" - I am talking about sentences I am talking about sentences where I do something like that. When I write my guides I am not always at full mental capacity, sometimes I am extremely tired like I am right now and I end up making a silly mistake and not catching myself.

           I know that there has to be a few of those mistakes out there - I have literally written over 200 guides in the last month and I am not taking the time to carefully edit each and every one of them. With the sheer mass of Everquest Guides that have to be written I feel very overwhelmed and I am trying to get it all done as fast as I can before I get bored and go back to writing Retro guides.


           If you're willing to help me out with this please leave a comment below. If you play on Firiona Vie I would be willing to hook you up with some freebies for helping me or maybe even some kronos. It's something we'd have to negotiate. For real though I could take any help out there at all! I'm just one guy running this website trying to write guides for two THREE completely different eras of the game (Live servers, Ragefire/Lockjaw/Agnarr and Phinigel) for free!! If you actually think about it - I'm nuts!

           Those of you who are just normal viewers browsing the site if you find a mistake use Disqus to point it out to me. It's as simple as leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Then I can swoop right in and fix it the next day!


           Thank you all so much for using my guides & a pre-thank you to anyone who points out a mistake in one of my guides.


Gates of Discord Tradeskill Guide

Kael Drakkel Class Armor Quests

Thurgadin Class Armor Quests

Skyshrine Class Armor Quests

PoP Spell Runes Guide

OoW Spell Runes Guide

House of Thule Rk II and Rk III Spells Guide

Rain of Fear Rk II and Rk III Spells Guide

Rain of Fear Portal Attunement Quests

CoTF Marks of Valor Guide


Everquest Leveling Guides (Updated Page)

Classic Everquest Leveling Guide
- Erud's Crossing Leveling Guide
- Qeynos Catacombs Leveling Guide
- Everfrost Peaks Leveling Guide
- Blackburrow Leveling Guide
- Upper Guk Leveling Guide

Kunark Leveling Guide
- Swamp of No Hope Leveling Guide
- Lake of Ill Omen Leveling Guide
- Kurn's Tower Leveling Guide

Omens of War Leveling Guide
- Wall of Slaughter Leveling Guide
- Riftseeker's Sanctum Leveling Guide

The Darkened Sea Leveling Guide

Ring of Scale Leveling Guide
- City of Mist Leveling Guide
- Paludal Caverns Leveling Guide
- The Grounds Leveling Guide
- House of Thule, Lower Floors Leveling Guide
- How to Reach House of Thule Zones
- Erudin Burning Leveling Guide
- Erudin Burning EXP Tasks
- TBM Vizier Albert Camp Location
- TBM Glorious Cistina Camp Location
- TBM Remnants of the Darkseer Camp Location
- TDS Katta Castrum Leveling Location

^ And TONS more... Seriously, check out the Ring of Scale leveling guide. I've covered about 80 different leveling locations this last month at least 20 of them RoF and above!


           Along with everything I mentioned above - if you're reading this and you think you're capable of writing a 'How to play' guide for your class... Please get in contact with me. I'd like to add some class guides to my website as well but I would need some volunteers or people I can pay to write them for the classes I do not know.


           I'll be updating this page in the future with additional 'Job Offers' or 'Help Requests' whatever you want to call them. If you have some free time and you want some items in game in exchange for your free time get in contact with me - I can probably find something for you to do!











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