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The New Website Layout

           As you can tell I have kept my word and I have switched Almar's Guides primarily over to an Everquest gaming website!! The navigation bar now has a majority of the major EQ expansion packs that way you will have easy access to guides regardless of the server you play on and what era it's in.

           Not all of the expansions have guides atm and it's going to take my awhile to write them all. As for now I mostly wanted to lay down the frame work and move away from my old layout as I generally only heard complaints about it. Please be patient with me and as the TLPs progress I will continue to add leveling, farming and tradeskill guides to each. I may do quests for each expansion too at one point.

If you have any complaints about the new layout or you've found some sort of issue please leave me a message in the comments below.




           I would also like to take a moment and thank all of you who have used this website over the years, as well as - and especially those of you who have contributed financially to this project. If you haven't contributed with a donation that's fine too!

           Those of you who would like to help but don't want to cough up any money - just turn off adblock! You'd be doing me a gigantic favor if you browse this site with the ads displaying! Also with the new layout if you're using adblocker plus it actually ends up looking worse since ad blocker plus removes the whole area the ad goes. That makes "Recent Updates" float all the way up to the top!

           Here is what the website look to used to look like for everyone out there who wants a picture of the older layout to compare to the new one!





Please! Negative or positive leave your comments below about my new layout. If you find any display issues on any page; mobile or using a different internet browser - you help me a lot by pointing it out!!












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