Shien's Revenge Guides and Walkthroughs

Shien's Revenge is a shoot-'em-up video game that was released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The game was developed by Almanic Corporation and published by Vic Tokai. In Shien's Revenge, players control a lone spaceship called Vixen as it battles against an alien invasion force known as the Vipeeans. The game features vertically scrolling shooting action, with players navigating through levels filled with enemy ships, obstacles, and bosses. Players can collect power-ups, shoot down enemies, and utilize different weapon types to progress through the game's challenging stages.

Shien's Revenge is known for its fast-paced gameplay, challenging difficulty, and colorful graphics. The game features multiple levels with varying environments, ranging from outer space to alien planets, and players can choose different routes to progress through the game. Shien's Revenge also includes a variety of power-ups and upgrades to enhance the player's ship, as well as intense boss battles that require skill and strategy to defeat. As a notable shoot-'em-up title for the SNES, Shien's Revenge has gained a following among fans of the genre. However, it is also considered a challenging game with a high level of difficulty, which may not be suitable for casual players. Despite its relative obscurity compared to other shoot-'em-up games of the era, Shien's Revenge is remembered for its fast-paced action and challenging gameplay, making it a noteworthy title in the SNES library.


Shien's Revenge Game Genie Codes (USA)

Shien's Revenge Pro Action Replay Codes (USA)



Shiens Revenge Title Screen




Various Paswords

Enter the following codes at the title screen to play different Stages and Difficulties in the game.


Easy Stage

Stage 1 clear: 9XSXFMRNG35D07

Stage 2 clear: KL8Y1R4GG3SL0Z

Stage 3 clear: S43SR6WC233BDG


Normal Stage

Stage 1: NN9MZ5F?6R5D7Q

Stage 2: 9K?XV5VZG31V6G

Stage 3: 5MWWP9?C6G?66X

Stage 4: GS1?3KFSG32B7Z

Stage 5: FW9?BWRK6R3B6Q

Stage 6: 0B8PZHV96RGFYQ


Hard Stage

Stage 1: 55VHLT0N6RR1SQ

Stage 2: 7GZ11ZKB6R2B2Q

Stage 3: 8K6WFZHC6X3BSD


Stage 5: ?N4WRG?NG3S32Z

Stage 6: 8Q1?QP4ZYRP1MQ


Almanic Stage

Stage 1: ?JBFZ18N235D9Z

Stage 2: PTCBMHV923?6KG

Stage 3: SS0D3K1M6R2B9Q


Stage 5: S205X55D23GFQG

Stage 6: YGKSV7496R8G9Q


7 secret special weapons: Press Start 7 times on controller 2 at the title screen

Control Bosses: Hold L and R on Controller 2 and start a new game with Controller 1.

Debug Mode: On controller 2 and title screen, press UP for 7 times each.

Super Easy Mode: Press the L button 7 times at the title screen

Super Hard Mode: Press R seven times on controller 2 at the title screen.







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