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Dark Cloud Weapon Customization Guide

There are a few things I think you should know about Weapon Customization that I couldn't find listed on the internet. The first is when building up a weapon you keep all of your stats on the item. Another thing is don't worry about slapping endless synth-orbs on a weapon, I haven't tested if you can only add a limited number of them but I have maxed a few weapons and got a lot of bonuses on them with only getting 4 or 5 stars.

If you are searching for Gems or Attachments for your weapons I highly suggest you check out the Fairy King in the area outside of Gallery of Time and also in Queens once you have Joker's store, he sells mostly the 300g attachments though and no gems however he has some elemental attachments the fairy king does not. You can also acquire gems through fishing if that is your thing. I didn't really enjoy fishing in this game so I did my money trick mentioned in my general Tips & Tricks guide; which I also mention later in this guide.

Here is a list of all the Gems and what they do

Amethyst - 10 Ice, 10 Dragon, 10 mage
Aquamarine - 5 Ice 10 Sea 10 Sky
Diamond - 5 to Everything and 10 to metal
Emerald - 10 Magic, 10 Dragon, 10 Plant
Garnet - 5 Attack, 10 Fire, 10 Beast, 10 Rock
Opal - 10 Endurance, 10 Metal, 10 Mage
Pearl - 10 Endurance, 10 Thunder, 10 Undead
Peridot - 5 Attack, 10 Holy, 10 Plant, 10 Beast
Ruby - 10 Speed, 10 Fire, 10 Mimic
Sapphire - 10 Magic, 10 Wind, 10 Sky
Topaz - 5 Attack, 10 Speed, 10 Undead, 10 Sky
Turquoise - 10 Ice, 5 Rock, 5 Mimic

As aforementioned earlier in this guide I find the best way to afford all the gems and attachments you need is to use the money circles on the ground in dungeons that have a chance of doubling your money. You know the runes I am talking about, they have random effects but some can double your money. If you are playing Dark Cloud on an emulator you should very easily be able to avoid the bad ones by making a save state right before you run over top the circle.

Since you can only hold 65k gold at once what you'll wanna do is keep buying gems/attachments until you get down to 30k or so. Normally If I don't use the gems/attachments on the spot I throw them into my storage that way they don't clog up my inventory. Regardless of what you do try and maintain 30 - 35k gold at all times that way when you hit a 'bonus circle' it'll max out your gold at 65k.

Also a good tip worth mentioning too is If you find an item that had a "bonus effect" on it that you like (Durable, Stop, Drain etc) what I recommend doing is saving the Weapon Upgrade Powders for these items. Their damage usually sucks and you just need to get them to level 5 in order to break them down into a Synth orb for their bonus.

Making the most powerful weapons

In order to make the most powerful weapons in the game you'll want to "Build up" the weapons you have. In order to build up a weapon the player must have the base weapon fulfill some requirements. It usually has to reach a certain amount of primary attributes, elemental attributes and anti attributes. Gems are extremely useful for building up Anti attributes, in particular Diamond is one of my favorites. It gives +5 to all so if you level your weapon up 3 times and it has 3 slots using a Diamond each time is already +45 to everything anti.

Elemental Attributes are a bit trickier to fulfill, the gems are quite spotty at fulfilling them and can be expensive when you need multiple elemental attributes and just elemental attributes. I kind of recommend trying to fill this as your primary priority for building up a weapon as you can use a lot of the basic +3 attachments you find throughout the game.

Lastly picking the weapon you choose to build up matters. Sometimes weapons won't build up into the ultimate weapon, for example Steve for Xiao builds up into Super Steve. Not her ultimate weapon. I am only going to list the weapons for each character that build up into their ultimate weapon.

Toan weapons to build up into Chronicle

(HAS to evolve into 7 Branch Sword to reach Chronicle)

**Easiest Route for Toan**
Wise Owl Sword

Xiao weapons to build up into Angel Gear

Steel Slingshot
Bone Slingshot
Bandit Slingshot

Goro weapons to build up into Tall Hammer

Every weapon but Battleaxe builds into Tall Hammer

Ruby weapons to build up into Secret Armlet

Goddess Ring
Crystal Ring
Athena's Armlet
Platinum Ring (to Crystal Ring)

Ungaga weapons to build up into Babel Spear

All his weapons build up into Terra Sword which eventually builds up into Babel Spear

Osmond weapons to build up into Supernova

Jackal or Snail to Blessing Gun then follow that chain to Supernova.
If you have Swallow, G crusher you're on the wrong track!

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