Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 - Ability Capsule 2 CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend heading over to my Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U) and search for your code there instead!


(Videl) Eagle Kick: 063A41AD 6984D907

(Videl) Hawk Arrow: 98684BC3 556D2112

(Videl) Videl's Close Call: C76F85D6 AF55F3BB

(Videl) Breakthrough: CB6A37D2 412D98E0


(Supreme Kai) Shockwave: 49BA5BD3 6E0B8CF3

(Supreme Kai) Supernatural Abilities: 16EC346A 71DA8949

(Supreme Kai) Potara: 3EBA56F9 6A973DEB

(Supreme Kai) Breakthrough: 5921071D 5E17FAE5


(Uub) Ki Cannon: 54A6F41E 148B0340

(Uub) Fierce Flurry: 65D6D768 2242FDE8

(Uub) Breakthrough: 8CD414CF F30415C4


(Raditz) Double Sunday: E878821C 4C9873EC

(Raditz) Saturday Crush: C4A0076D BBFB3A9D

(Raditz) Breakthrough: CC8569CA A5108C68


(Nappa) Bomber DX: BE76FED8 4B862D93

(Nappa) Break Cannon: 4681B070 B4BCE945

(Nappa) Giant Storm: 9EEB50BA 1B4BA730

(Nappa) Breakthrough: 4D5C628F 0D13345E


(Captain Ginyu) Special Fighting Pose 1: 19301C8E D8F7A4E6

(Captain Ginyu) Special Fighting Pose 2: 77F03EC9 53D4E86A

(Captain Ginyu) Milky Cannon: D3C9FECD E2D0D434

(Captain Ginyu) Strong Jersey: F0D70C19 DD4C73D6

(Captain Ginyu) Body Change: 8197A718 F87A58A0

(Captain Ginyu) Breakthrough: D0FACED8 92468680


(Recoome) Special Fighting Pose 3: FE1134D0 D049E352

(Recoome) Special Fighting Pose 4: 6162BBDC 78DCB9ED

(Recoome) Recoome Eraser Gun: 363BF418 954B76C5

(Recoome) Recoome Kick: 52CCC280 23470AF3

(Recoome) Recoome Bomber: 81576D9F 2658C7C4

(Recoome) Breakthrough: 13AE4CC4 DC9B8587


(Frieza) Second Form: F38B2A44 B1ED3B67

(Frieza) Third Form: 3D72D1A0 4E476586

(Frieza) Final Form: 48B92129 4D8C5795

(Frieza) 100% Full Power: 95FC395A 497F23F8

(Frieza) Death Beam: 2ADB06F2 BF8DF03C

(Frieza) Death Wave: 2CFF2F3A 129F3F15

(Frieza) Death Ball: 9E274B9A E0174A8D

(Frieza) Breakthrough: 65D7C015 46B164C0


(Android #16) Rocket Punch: 8D1AE12E 82F87BFD

(Android #16) Hell Flash: BE830FA1 86F9B8FB

(Android #16) Breakthrough: C0E78780 81BF67B1


(Android #17) Power Blitz: 8D3E23AF B848AAC3

(Android #17) Energy Field: 725FC816 A0AE450C

(Android #17) Accel Dance: 235681EA 9DD10187

(Android #17) Breakthrough: 010F6A39 0DA20206


(Android #18) Power Blitz: C428C248 96704A75

(Android #18) Destructo Disc: B4DBD30E 333E00F6

(Android #18) Accel Dance: 2FAFA990 32A1F736

(Android #18) Breakthrough: 3CC42B90 C6C32FE3


(Dr. Gero) Photon Wave: A9FA3A47 874CC88B

(Dr. Gero) Ki Blast Absorption: 859D042A 1F192C17

(Dr. Gero) Life Drain: 4464137D 5D3C43E4

(Dr. Gero) Breakthrough: 88A5C161 5B459E83


(Cell) Semi-Perfect Cell (#17 Absorption): 51669687 F643390C

(Cell) Perfect Form: EC25F126 C22C507C

(Cell) Super Perfect Form: 149B8E98 A26AF795

(Cell) Kamehameha: 80BE8156 0A1CADF4

(Cell) Energy Field: 3367EC79 4A5A9E42

(Cell) Spirit Bomb: A1AF3A2A BDFDA926

(Cell) Breakthrough: AE0B2DDA 78292FDE


(Majin Buu) Innocence Cannon: 55606601 42929843

(Majin Buu) Innocence Express: 55BBEE58 847E869A

(Majin Buu) Angry Express: 6E9E1A98 CD3331B0

(Majin Buu) Breakthrough: F6DE6BD9 926E7B55


(Super Buu) Absorption: 4478FC7D F764BA54

(Super Buu) Ill Flash: F093E80C 9B8DFE37

(Super Buu) Ill Ball Attack: 3C776E7F 42D9AB68

(Super Buu) Breakthrough: F2806B24 2A2CEB08


(Kid Buu) Vanishing Ball: 4535E9CC 6FF67B45

(Kid Buu) Kamehameha: 935FC3E6 1CAC303D

(Kid Buu) Warp Kamehameha: 50B748E2 B2D401AE

(Kid Buu) Breakthrough: E1FCF8FE 50F0F8E1


(Dabura) Demonic Will: 3AA296FF E10EF22C

(Dabura) Hell Blitz: F0F44A80 468755AB

(Dabura) Evil Blast: CE8B90B8 3E3141F2

(Dabura) Hell Blade Rush: 01A9F40A 19D6A137

(Dabura) Breakthrough: ECA30883 4699F961


(Cooler) Final Form: 9555C284 01A2298E

(Cooler) Destructive Ray: 07C0AA79 26C1D515

(Cooler) Sauzer Blade: 6C97D869 F1CBA1C0

(Cooler) Supernova: 4884846D BAD37798

(Cooler) Breakthrough: 2034511F F7E1EECB


(Bardock) Riot Javelin: 379B194A D8B44571

(Bardock) Heat Phalanx: 2375B630 0F835D5A

(Bardock) Spirit of Saiyans: 97D6D6E8 A95185BE

(Bardock) Breakthrough: 17D6DC72 45FE1892


(Broly) Legendary Super Saiyan: 4B45A9D4 3D5D1ACB

(Broly) Blaster Shell: 4DA1A74A 1D17C2F5

(Broly) Gigantic Press: CC8B6917 E2BD3FE5

(Broly) Gigantic Meteor: 1468EBDA 1CE34F00

(Broly) Breakthrough: 5640B451 AAA588E2


(Omega Shenron) Whirlwind Spin: 42A2C20D 58B473D9

(Omega Shenron) Dragon Thunder: DD82A91F 3B342378

(Omega Shenron) Minus Energy Power Ball: 94A704BB 31170252

(Omega Shenron) Breakthrough: 5F2564A2 DADA57F4


(Saibamen) Acid: 8927FDB3 7DD9F588

(Saibamen) Self-Destruct: ED17A033 DDC1435C

(Saibamen) Breakthrough: 07278E40 F08FF0E5


(Cell Jr) Kamehameha: F2C8959B 3DB7019B

(Cell Jr) Breakthrough: 8B614E49 5032CDB5