Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War CodeBreaker Codes (NTSC-U)

This page contains all of the CodeBreaker cheat codes I have for Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (NTSC-U). If you're playing with the PCSX2 Emulator and you'd like to use the codes on this page I recommend heading over to my How To Use Cheat Codes on PCSX2 Guide. This will explain how to setup and use the codes on this page with that emulator.

Alternatively if you're playing on a physical console you'll need to own a CodeBreaker/GameShark disc in order to use these codes. If you don't see the code you want on this page I recommend heading over to my Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Gameshark Codes (NTSC-U) and search for your code there instead!


Unlimited Money: EE1B6263 D91A5317

Unlimited Primary Missiles: E369F4CD F5BF4062

Unlimited Mission Time: 6FE72A1B 82F08604

Unlimited Secondary Missiles: E87E14B5 31F40CA7

Extra Primary Missiles: F15FAB5D 99B8BD2E

Extra Secondary Missiles: F7362525 EEF1ED56

Max/Unlimited Primary Missiles: D0ACE784 E0F06F40

Max/Unlimited Secondary Missiles: 0DBA5F54 EDFAA0BF

Max Money: ABDBEDA6 47DA87D8

Rapid Fire Secondary Missiles: 9159ED36 CDDDE909

Money Doesn't Decrease When Purchasing Items: 6FFC16F5 E9F67603

Money Increases When Making Purchases: 178E6F14 6707DA71

Max Kill Score: 5E588A47 00FE48B1
Arcade Mission.

Max Time Bonus: F77328F8 31C007A2
Arcade Mission.

Max Stage Score: F8D6D4D9 71870D64
Arcade Mission.

Max Total Score: 8C2549EA 454044D1
Arcade Mission.




34F7E1BD 14AED669
178DDB28 F3918261
10CAD39C 59EF7554


Rapid Fire Primary Missiles

CF9E19FB C009DA40
B292EF43 1505563F


Instantly Complete Mission
Press L1 + Select

7DB7C899 C6B3D694
F9D8189F 8A20B403
50AFBA1D 47320C99


All Aircraft Categories Unlocked

8EC8517B 03100F5D
E98C99A4 4E623990


All Aircrafts Purchased

44019B03 2C928C9D
D29086E2 440684DD