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A Princess In Distress - Velen

Use Witcher Senses to locate goat

This quest is given to you after agreeing to help the Pellar during the story mission Family Matters. What you need to do for this quest is find his goat and escort it back to his house, you can use your Witcher Senses to follow the trail the goat made or use my screen shot above to see its location.

I'd highly recommend that you explore the entire quest area on your map prior to finding the goat. There are some wolves and a bear at the northern end of the quest area that will attack you and Princess unless you take them out before finding the goat. The goat has a health bar and can die - if you're playing on a harder difficulty it's quite easy for you to lose her.

a princess in distress map locations
Princess is in the red circle, bear is by the cave marked on the map.

On your way over to where the goat is you should pick any wild flowers that come come across. The goat will stop to eat them as you lead him back to the house & the ones that the pellar told you about can poison her. They won't kill her, but they'll slow her movement speed and make all of this take longer.



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