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Blood Run - Toussaint (Blood and Wine)

Blood Run Beast of Beauclair

This quest automatically starts after you complete The Beast of Toussaint Story Quest. During the final scene of The Beast of Toussaint you'll end up chasing the vampire who has been doing all of the killing and you'll corner him in a barn - which is where this quest takes place.

You'll be fighting this boss for the entirety of this quest - you don't however actually need to defeat him. Once your health gets very low the quest will end automatically as Regis comes to your aid. However you can actually defeat this beast which will net you 1000 EXP in total if you do.

Higher Vampire Weaknesses: Vampire Oil, Igni, Dancing Star (Bomb), Black Blood (Potion)


The next quest in the chain called La Cage au Fou will begin automatically after completing this quest.























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