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Funeral Pyres - Velen

Funeral Pyres Map Location

Area: Velen
Location: Road west of Mulbrydale
Quest Giver: Chaplain of Eternal Fire
Other Requirements: N/A

This quest is given to you by a Chaplain of Eternal Fire whom you can find on the road west of Mulbrydale in Velen. For this quest you will have to travel to three different locations marked on your map and defeat the Rotfiend/Ghouls there then burn the corpses. In order to burn the corpses you'll need to approach them and pour Oil on them before burning them with Igni.

If you're following the quest markers in order on your compass, then the last pile of corpses that you have to burn you'll also meet a survivor at. Speak to him to learn the truth of why the Chaplain wishes these corpses burnt, which is going to give you two different options when turning the quest in.

Return to the Chaplain who is now at a new location, near the border of Novigrad. Speak to him here and he'll bribe you for your silence, a measly 65 crowns. If you deny the bribe then you'll have to fight him and his two friends - however the corpse of the Chaplain has 200 Crowns on it instead. The choice is yours.

Funberal pyres agree to bribe

Accept Bribe: 65 Crowns
Deny Bribe: Fight Chaplain and friends; 200 Crowns for looting Chaplain






















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