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Taken as a Lass - Skellige

Taken as a lass quest start

Area: Skellige
Location: South of Redgill; by docks
Quest Giver: Warrior
Other Requirements: N/A

There are two ways which you can acquire this quest, the first of which is by meeting the brother (the quest giver) south of Redgill, a town on the southeastern portion of Skellige's largest island. Or from the sister, who is found at Freya's Temple on Hindarsfjall.

When you arrive at the area south of Redgill where the brother is you'll find two bandits fighting him - defeat them and dialogue will automatically start with him. If you need help finding his location, use my map below for further guidance. Basically follow the coast south of Redgill until you come across the docks, the guy will be right here.

taken as a lass map locations

After speaking to the brother your quest will update and send you to a pirate ship east of your current location to look for clues of this guys sister. Upon reaching the quest location you'll find Ekhidnaes circling the area which you should defeat before proceeding. There are two things that you can do here to update your quest, both of which are listed below.

1. Loot the chest for some notes on the ship here
2. Examine the items next to the two bodies

Our next stop is Freya's Temple which is just a bit southeast of Freya's Garden. Here you'll find a priestess by the name of Kurisu, speaking to her will complete the quest. Alternatively, if you met Kurisu first then you will need to return to her brother and speak with him to complete the quest.

Kurisu taken as a lass








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