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The Nobleman Statuette - Novigrad

Jade Figurine Shop List

Area: Novigrad
Location: Gildorf District - (Novigrad)
Quest Giver: Jade Figurine
Other Requirements: Triss has to be in Novigrad for you to complete this quest

This quest begins by purchasing the Jade Figurine from a Merchant in Novigrad. You'll find this Merchant in the northern portion of Novigrad in the Gildorf district, where all of the rich people live. If you're having trouble locating this merchant then use my screen shot below for additional guidance.

If you've done The Soldier Statuette Quest in the past then you'll already know what you have to do for this one. Take the Jade Figurine you got to Triss and give it to her, she'll use some spell on it to free the person trapped within and that will complete the quest.

Warning: You can only turn in this quest to Triss if you have yet to complete her Novigrad quest chain which begins with A Matter of Life and Death and ends with Now or Never. If you've finished these quests then she will not be in Novigrad and you'll have to give them to her at Kaer Morhen or wherever she is.

Gildorf Merchant Location
Where I am standing on the map is where you'll find the Merchant.









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