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Novigrad Hospitality - Novigrad

Novigrad Hospitality Quest Start

Area: Novigrad
Location: Between Sarrasin Grange and Yantra
Quest Giver: Gascoigne
Other Requirements: Choose the right dialogue options

This quest begins by speaking with Gascoigne who is found on the path due west of Yantra, a town in northern Novigrad. When you arrive at Gascoigne he'll ask you to have a seat and drink with him, refusing his offer will fail this quest and you'll be unable to speak with him again -- so don't refuse!

After a little bit of dialogue time will fast forward to night, where you'll have the option of selecting one more round or that's enough for me. Make sure you select one more round as if you don't - the quest will fail. The next scene will show Geralt waking up in the morning, half clothed.

Novigrad Hospitality map locations

Novigrad Hospitality find bards

He'll comment about his situation then your quest will update, telling you to follow the foot prints on the ground to the bards. they're located in the town of Yantra, behind one of the buildings. Once you find them they'll give you your stuff back and if you wish to you can demand their stuff. It's not very valuable, but it's good payback.

Regardless of what you choose, the quest will end here.








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