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Hey You Wanna Look At My Stuff? - Novigrad

hey you wanna look at my stuff

Area: Novigrad
Location: Novigrad - Silverton District
Quest Giver: Merchant (Halfling)
Other Requirements: Don't tell the Witch Hunters or you fail

This quest begins in the north-central portion of Novigrad, in the Silverton District. Here you will find a halfling merchant (pictured above) who calls out to you as you're passing. If you're having trouble finding this location use my screen shots above and below this paragraph.

For this quest you'll need to speak with the halfling and agree to see his wares. Witch Hunters will interrupt your conversation with him and he'll bugger off. If you tell the Witch Hunters that he was peddling illegal wares then you'll be unable to begin this quest/you'll never be able to use this halfling as a merchant - so make sure you cover for him.

Wanna look at my stuff map location

Cover for the halfling

If you cover for him after your conversation with the Witch Hunters this quest will be added to your log. Inspect the item on the ground where the halfling was standing to acquire a scent - follow that scent to an alleyway just around the corner. The halfling will be here waiting for you and thank you for not ratting him out.









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