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Paperchase - Toussaint (Blood and Wine)

Paperchase Quest Start

Area: Toussaint
Location: Beauclair
Quest Giver: Vineyard Owner
Other Requirements: Blood and Wine DLC

This quest begins by speaking with the Vineyard Owner (pictured above) in the central portion of Beauclair. Once you've spoken with the Vineyard Owner you'll need to go to the bank in Beauclair, they'll make you do a bunch of running around the bank speaking with different people to update this quest.

Here are all of the steps in a succinct format for you:

1. Go to the main window
2. Go to Window 1
3. Go upstairs to Records
4. Beat the Bank Customer in a fist fight
5. Go back to window 1
6. Go to the main window and try again
7. Sit and wait
8. (Optional) Play Gwent with the man
9. Give the bank clerk Flowers, Perfume or flirt with her to speak with the owner of this fine establishment (as pictured below)

Flirt with bank tellerTwo Options at bank

Once you've finally spoken with the owner of the establishment you'll be escorted down into the bank vault where you'll open your safety deposit box. Probably not too much of a surprise, it's empty. You'll have some dialogue with the dwarf where you can either demand payment now or wait a week. Waiting a week will get you the best reward; below are the rewards you'll get for each of the outcomes you can choose.

Demand Payment Now: You will get into a fist fight with the guards and after speaking with the manager you'll only get 200 Crowns. You will also lose access to this bank in the future for currency exchange and anything else you need them for.

Wait A Week: Return in one week and speak with







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