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The Professor's Protege - Yellow Frogs (Cauthess Rest Area)

Yellow Frogs quest Start

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Complete The Professor's Protege
Location: Cauthess Rest Area
Rewards: 4,000 EXP & Rainbow Pendant

In order to accept this quest you will need to first complete The Professor's Protege, a quest from Sania who is found at the Cauthess Rest Area in Duscae. If you've not completed the previous quest in the chain then Sania will not be at this location yet. For this quest you'll have to go to a lake in the southeastern portion of Duscae and find 5 Yellow Frogs.

Tip: When you get near one of the frogs for this quest you'll be able to hear croaking. If you're having trouble finding a frog, go to where the croaking is the loudest and you'll find him.

Yellow Frogs Map Location

For help locating any of the frogs I recommend you use my screenshot above. Click to enlarge it for help seeing, each red circle is the area where you'll find one of the frogs. Turn your volume up if you need to as that'll help find each frog. Once you've found em' all you can return to Sania and turn in the quest.











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