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The Perfect Cup - Lestallum

The Perfect Cup Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 8
Other Requirements: N/A
Location: Lestallum
Rewards: 4,000 EXP & Cup of Noodle Cooking Recipe

You're able to accept this quest after Gladiolus rejoins your party at the end of Chapter 8. When you first accept this quest Gladio asks Noctis his favorite ingredient in Ramen and depending on your choice determines what you have to do for this quest. I chose Meat as my favorite ingredient but your other options include Egg and Shrimp.

For the first part of this quest you'll have to gather intel in the town of Lestallum by speaking with the man who runs the Diner in the central portion of town. Select the 'Talk' option at the Diner and you'll receive a mark on your map and a quest update. This part works the same regardless of which of the three options you choose.

Meat: Defeat the Behemoth near the Prairie Outpost in Leide

Egg: Collect the egg near the Rock of Ravatogh in Cleigne

Shrimp: Defeat the Karlabos near Cape Caem

The Perfect Cup BehemothThe Perfect Cup Behemoth Ramen

Once you've obtained the required ingredient make camp at any nearby camp site and select the Cup of Noodles (pictured above) as your meal for the night. Your quest will complete when you wake up in the morning.










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