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Steam Valve Inspection - Lestallum

Holly in Lestallum

First Available: Chapter 8
Other Requirements: Complete Chapter 7 of the game's story
Location: Lestallum
Rewards: 2,000 EXP & 2,500 EXP

This quest is the first in a chain of quests that becomes available when you complete Chapter 7 of the game's main story; speak with Holly (pictured above) to start it. For this quest what you have to do is run around Lestallum and inspect 8 different Steam Valves.

An example of what you're looking for is shown in my screenshot below. Basically what we're looking for is 3 blue tubes which come out of the ground and have steam coming out of them.

Steam Valve

To make finding these Steam Valves easier, I have included a list of all 8 and where you can find them in Lestallum. If you'd like to see the compass/map locations of each Steam Valve then use my screenshot below, each one is marked with a white checkmark.

Steam Valve #1: Right down the stairs from Holly

Steam Valve #2: In the same area as Steam Valve #1

Steam Valve #3: Right next to the Diner

Steam Valve #4: In the alley northeast of the Diner

Steam Valve #5: Right next to Steam Valve #4

Steam Valve #6: Close to the main road going in and out of Lestallum

Steam Valve #7: Down the alley from Steam Valve #6

Steam Valve #8: On the border of the quest area, on the side of the building with the Diner

Steam Valve Inspection Map Locations
Steam Valve Map Locations (White Checkmarks).

Final Steam Valve for Quest

There is only a single Steam Valve that isn't shown on my compass; it's the one that is right in front of me in the screenshot above. Once you've located all 8 of the Steam Valves return to Holly to turn in the quest.









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