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Pilgrimage - Wiz Chocobo Post

Pilgrimage Quest Start

First Available: Chapter 3
Other Requirements: Haven't progressed past Chapter 3
Location: Wiz Chocobo Post
Rewards: 1,657 EXP & 1 Laser Sensor

You can only complete this quest during Chapter 3, once you go further in the game you'll no longer be able to complete it. To begin this quest you will want to travel a tad bit west of Wiz Chocobo Post and speak with the man (pictured above) standing on the rocky cliff.

After you speak to this man Ignis will begin a conversation with Noctis and ask him if it's ok that you check out the Disc of Cauthess (pictured below). Make sure to select the "Go to the Disc of Cauthess" option and you'll receive this quest.

Pilgrimage Quest Start 2

You can set the car to auto pilot all the way to the quest location, you'll get stopped by a barrier then attacked by some Imperial Forces when you arrive. Defeat them to receive your "true" reward for this quest; another 1k EXP as well as the Laser Sensor Item. That's all there is to this quest.









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