Final Fantasy 1 Walkthrough - Chapter 8

Cottage outside final dungeon

This time going through Temple of Chaos it's a straight shot to the end boss. It's highly recommended you Flee from as many fights as possible on your way down to the final boss because we'll need all the MP we can for the journey down. Rest up using a Cottage outside and enter the dungeon when you're ready.

Since we aren't going to be collecting any of the Treasure Chests this run through, my guide below is as straight forward as can be on how to easily go from floor to floor. As aforementioned on your way down you'll need to fight all of the bosses again, try to save as much MP as you can with each battle because we're going to need it for the final boss.

Temple of Chaos 1F Staircase down to 2F: In the southeastern most point of the room.

Temple of Chaos 2F Staircase down to 3F: Staircase is immediately to the right of where you come up.

Temple of Chaos 3F Ladder up to 2F: In the southern most central portion of the area there'll be a door leading to a room; Ladder up is in there.

Temple of Chaos 2F Staircase down to 1F: Staircase is in the northwestern portion of this area.

Temple of Chaos 1F Staircase down to B1: West; linear path

Temple of Chaos B1 Staircase down to B2: Linear path but you have to go North, East then back South to find the staircase.

Lich Boss - Weak to Fire and Dia

Temple of Chaos B2 Staircase down to B3: You can see the staircase to your right when you enter the area. Go North, East and South to get to it.

Marilith Boss - Weak to Melee Attacks (Most Magic ineffective)

Temple of Chaos B3 Staircase down to B4: It's found in the southeastern most portion of this floor; you'll need to take a convoluted way there though.

Kraken Boss - Weak to Bolt

Temple of Chaos B4 Staircase down to B5: Travel west from where you enter this floor to find the staircase down.

Tiamat Boss - Weak to Poison (Most Magic ineffective)

Tiamat Temple of Chaos Fight

Tiamat is a pretty straight forward fight, just like when we fought him before in the Flying Fortress. I'd recommend you cast Shld2 once your party and then wail away on Tiamat with any melee attackers you have. He has high magic resistance so save your Black Magic spells against him. Also maybe use NulBolt if you have it.

This is the last boss you'll be facing prior to the end boss and since the end boss isn't that tough you won't need to save as MP as you probably think you will. Save at least 3MP for all your top tier spells on your White Wizard, that'll give you more than enough MP to take out Tiamat.

Chaos Boss on Overworld

Once you're on the final floor of the Temple of Chaos; heal up with Potions/spells and then approach the NPC in the central portion of the area (shown in my screen shot above) and speak with him.

Chaos Final Boss Encounter

Chaos is the final boss of Final Fantasy 1 and honestly he's not that hard at all if you've got a team in their mid 30s. Open the fight by casting NulFire, NulBolt and any other Magic protection spells you can while also buffing your party with Shld2 and Steel (on your melee) and Haste (on your melee). After you've done all the buffs you want on your team just unload on Chaos with everything you got.

He has a total of 4,000 HP or so and he can fully heal if you're unlucky enough to have him cast that spell on you. Most of Chaos' attacks are group magic spells that will hit you for around 200 unless you use NulBolt & other Magic resistances on your team. His single target melee attacks can be pretty devastating if they hit a White Wizard or someone else without much Defense; Shld2 will negate the damage quite a bit.

All in all though, it's very likely that after you beat Chaos you'll be sitting there holding the controller in one hand looking confused saying, "Is that it?" For how hard of a game Final Fantasy 1 is, the end boss just does not compare.


Congrats - you've just beaten the original Final Fantasy! The game that started it all!