(Hyrule Field) Northern Eldin Province Pieces of Heart Locations

In the portion of Hyrule Field in Eldin Province north of Kakariko Village you'll be able to find 6 Pieces of Heart. These pieces of heart aren't all acquirable at the same time however - the first one listed below you can grab your first time here. The rest of the heart pieces however you'll need key items which you get later in the game.


Hyrule Field (Eldin Province) - Fourteenth Piece of Heart

Kakariko Village entrance boulder to destroy for piece of heart

This piece of heart is found just north of Kakariko Village in Hyrule Field. At the mouth of the pass that leads out into the large portion of Hyrule Field you'll find a boulder that can be destroyed with bombs. Doing so will reveal a small ledge that you're able to climb up onto. If you need help finding this exact location use my pictures for guidance.

Do so and follow the path south until you reach some vines. Climb up them and any other obstacles until you're facing another destructible boulder; this time you can see vines hanging down from the ledge that it's on. Take a look at my screen shots below if you're lost

Boulder with vines underneath
Destroy this boulder with bomb arrows and jump across.

Pull out your Bow and combine your bombs with it to take out this boulder then jump across. Now is the kind of confusing part..

Piece of heart view
View from where the second boulder once stood.

From where you are standing you're going to want to jump off the ledge you're on down to a lower ledge that's heading back towards Hyrule Field. If you look around you'll be able to see the chest we're after in the distance and you should do so before just jumping off anywhere.

If you need help finding the chest from atop the ledge use my pictures for some guidance.

Kakariko Village entrance piece of heart map location
On the map above I am standing at the chest and the cursor is where the first boulder is.



Eldin Province Second Piece of Heart

- the Malo mart quest piece of heart

This quest is extremely long, tedious and I probably won't cover here since guides for this game took forever. =(



Eldin Province - Third Piece of Heart

Eldin Province - Third Piece of Heart

This Piece of Heart is found just north of the Great Bridge of Eldin in almost the same exact location that you find the Female Golden Phasmid. On the same ledge that you find the Phasmid on you'll notice a clawshot location. Clawshot up to it, as seen in my screen shot above and drop down onto the ledge.

If you follow the ledge around you'll find yourself in a very large cave. There are multiple walkways for you to talk and all of them end with a familiar magnetized light and a jump. If you don't recall these from Goron Mines earlier in the game what you need to do is jump off the edge and equip your Iron Boots as you're falling.

Eldin Province - Third Piece of Heart

You have to do this a few times until you finally come to the bottom of the cave where you'll find a chest aside two torches... which were really necessary lighting for this area. That's really all there is too! Those on the Wii HD remake will find a Hylian Stamp within this cave as well I think - but sadly since I played it on the Gamecube I am unsure =(

Eldin Province - Third Piece of Heart



Eldin Province - North of Bridge of Eldin // Near Hidden Village

Eldin Province - North of Bridge of Eldin

North of the Bridge of Eldin nearby the Hidden Village entrance you'll notice some rails that lead north to a nearby ledge. Use your Spinner to make it over to the ledge where you'll want to transform into a wolf and use your Senses. There's a place for you to dig in the middle of the circle of grass which will lead into a cave.

Inside the cave you'll find three of the large skeletal enemies you met in Arbiter's Grounds. I find that Bomb Arrows work better than just regular bombs on these guys if by chance you're having trouble. That's really all there is to this piece of heart - use my screen shots if you need help locating this place.

Eldin Province - North of Bridge of Eldin



Eldin Province - In the Hidden Village

Eldin Province - North of Bridge of Eldin

The piece of heart in the Hidden Village is a minigame of sorts involving the cats that live within the village. When you enter the village as a Wolf and speak to the cats they'll tell you about the Cuccoo leader who can be found near the Howling Stone within the village.

The Cuccoo leader asks you to speak with all of the cats found within Hidden Village. There are 20 cats to talk too much like there were 20 enemies earlier in the game. The cats are spread out all across the village and move around too much to write a good guide for.

The best advice I can give is talk to every cat you see even if you think you've already spoken to him. They put some identical looking cats in the same area a few times. Also you'll need to transform into a human to Clawshot onto some rope nets hanging off the buildings. There's also a 'back alley' to check for one cat.

Eldin Province - North of Bridge of Eldin

Last but not least the two hardest cats that I thought to find were both located in the same building, it's the barn-like building shown in my screen shot above. One of the cats is on the second floor of the building which you have to reach by Clawshotting a rope net near the entrance of the village and following a second floor alley of sorts where at night there's a poe. <Link to Poe guide> The other cat inside the building is located in a barrel!

After you speak with all 20 cats return to the Cuccoo Leader and speak with him. He'll tell you that your prize is found in front of the old lady's house and to not leave the village until you collect it. *Sigh* why couldn't he just give it to you?

The old ladies house, incase you forgot, is one of the southern most buildings in the village. Closest to the watch tower in the back. Out front you'll find the piece of heart.



Eldin Province - Bridge of Eldin (Owl Statue)

Eldin Province - Bridge of Eldin

The final piece of heart for you to find in Eldin Province will require the Dominion Rod. What you need to do is head to the northern portion of the Bridge of Eldin and take control of the Owl Statue here. Escort him to the southern portion of the bridge - directly across from where you found the Male Phasmid?.

You'll notice a gap, as shown in my screen shot. Drop the Owl Statue down into the gap and use it to jump across, granting you access to the ladder. Climb up and you'll find your heart piece at the top.

Eldin Province - Bridge of Eldin