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Golden Ladybug Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Golden Ladybugs are both found just outside the southern entrance to Castle Town. The Female is almost literally on the door step to Castle Town and is really hard to miss; the Male is a little bit into the yard - usually playing around on the only pillar that's in the general area.

           Both of their locations are marked on my map below. If you'd like to see the image at its original size; like many of the pictures on my site just click on it to enlarge it!

Golden Ladybugs Map Locations

           If you're still confused and unable to find one of these bugs fret not! Below you'll find a detailed step by step instruction on gathering both of them with additional pictures to alleviate any confusion!

           Additionally if you're playing on the Wii it's important to keep in mind that your maps will be reversed from mine since these were taken on the Gamecube version.



Male Golden Ladybug Location

Male Golden Ladybug Location

           The Male Golden Ladybug is found flying around a pillar protruding from the ground in the southern portion of Hyrule Field in the Lanayru Province. The easiest way to reach this guy is by exiting Castle Town to the south, grabbing the Female Golden Ladybug; and then running over to the pillar you see me standing on in the screen shot above.

           Be warned this guy flies around the area A LOT and it's really annoying trying to capture him since there are so many enemies in the immediate area. I had to kill them all just to get a good picture of him flying around.

           Killing all the enemies rewarded me with about 50 Rupees and afterward I was able to transform into a wolf and dig in the stone ring atop the pillar which lead me to a cave that had even more Rupees in it! If you are doing the quest that involves donating 1000 Rupees for a Piece of Heart this location may aid you!

Male Ladybug Map Location


Female Golden Ladybug Location

Female Golden Ladybug Location

           The Female Golden Ladybug is a whole lot easier to acquire than the Male! She is found just outside of the southern entrance for Castle Town. It is actually very likely you grabbed her already while traveling to the Male Ladybug since she's so easy to spot.

           While she does have a tendancy to fly around in this immediate area from what I've seen she never leaves the stone walkway leading up to the castle.

Female Ladybug Map Location









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