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Golden Beetle Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Male and Female Golden Beetles are the first two Golden Bugs that you're able to collect after starting your adventure in Twilight Princess. You can find both of these guys just north of Faron Woods in the Faron Province of Hyrule Field.

           The Male is found near the piece of heart in the center of the field and the Female is found in the north. You can find both of their locations marked on my map below. As with almost all pictures on this website just click to enlarge it if you're having trouble seeing it.

Golden Beetles Map Location

           If you need a bit more information than what that map provides - no problem! Keep reading for a step by step walkthrough on how to acquire both the Male and Female Golden bettles.

           Additionally players on the Wii HD remake of Twilight Princess should keep in mind that their maps will be reversed from mine since these pictures were taken on the Gamecube version.



Male Golden Beetle Location

Male Golden Beetle Location

           The Male Golden Beetle is located in the central area of Faron Province's portion of Hyrule Field. He is usually found resting on the side of a tree just south of a raised land mass but sometimes he is found flying around in the general area. Either way he's pretty darn easy to spot! If you haven't already acquired it there's also a piece of heart in the area.

Male Golden Beetle Map Location


Female Golden Beetle Location

Female Golden Beetle Location

           The Female Golden Beetle is found to the northeast of the Male; if you're playing on the Wii it'll be opposite of what I just said. Annoyingly confusing - I know. You can find the Female Golden Beetle hanging out on the side of a tree just barely off the map, as you can see in my screen shot.

           You'll need the Gale Boomerang in order to bring her to you. If you don't see her on the tree like she is in my screen shot then look around the area - sometimes she's found flying around nearby.

Female Golden Beetle Map Location








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