Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku 2 Missing Namek Locations

Throughout Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II there are 7 missing Nameks for players to find. The Namekians are hidden throughout the entire world - each in a different location and collecting all 7 will allow you to travel to and from New Namek from Capsule Corporation in West City.

Capsule to New Namek

On New Namek you'll find Cooler (Freiza's brother) and Piccolo's Level 50 Character Gate; which is found in the room just beyond where the Cooler fight takes place. Additionally, right after landing on New Namek you'll be given Grandpa Gohan's Key which'll let you open the shed behind Gohan/Goku's house in East District.

Grandpa Gohans Key

Inside Piccolo's Level 50 Character Gate you'll find a Character Trophy.



Namek #1 - Kami's Lookout (Dende's Lookout)

Dendes Lookout Missing NamekDendes Lookout Missing Namek

In the northwestern portion of Kami's Lookout (or Dende's Lookout; whichever of the two you wanna call it -- It'll always be Kami's lookout to me!) you'll find a Namek.


Namek #2 - Tropical Island (4th Island)

Tropical Island Missing NamekTropical Island Missing Namek

On your way to fight Cell with Vegeta (after he absorbs 17) you'll find this missing Namek due east of Vegeta's character gate.


Namek #3 - East District 439 (North of Vegeta Gate)

East District 439 Missing NamekEast District 439 Missing Namek Map Location

This Namek is found due west of the Level 35 Goku gate that's found in East District 439. You won't be able to reach this gate until you go through the level 30 Vegeta gate further south. This is much later in the game after Cell becomes Perfect Cell and you're collecting the Dragon Balls.


Namek #4 - Inside Mayor's Residence (Center of West City)

West City Missing NamekWest City Missing Namek Map Location

Inside the Mayor's Residence in West City you'll find a Golden Capsule, Namek #4 and the West City Apartments B Access Card which will allow you to reach Namek #5, the very next one on this list.


Namek #5 - West City (Apartments B)

Missing Namek West City ApartmentsMissing Namek West City Apartments

Namek #5 first requires you to acquire the West City Apartments B Access Card which is inside of the Mayor's Residence in the center of West City. If you're unsure where this building is, it's the one that's shown just above in Namek #4s location. The chest that has the Access Card is in the western portion of the Mayor's Residence in a small room.

Once you have the Access Card, you'll want to head over to Apartments B (shown in the map location above) which is where you'll find Namek #5.

West City Missing Namek Apartment Location


Namek #6 - Northern Mountains

Northern Mountains Missing Namek LocationNorthern Mountains Missing Namek Map Location

Travel northwest from the Save Point in Northern Mountains until you come across the Level 30 Piccolo Gate. Bust it down and continue northwest through this area until you come across the Missing Namek. The easiest time for you to grab this Namek is while collecting the Dragon Balls.


Namek #7 - Northern Highlands

Northern Highlands Missing Namek LocationNorthern Highlands Missing Namek Map Location

Northwest of where you land you'll come across a Level 30 Goku Gate, you'll be able to see the Namek from this location, but be unable to reach him. What you need to do is destroy the Goku Gate, hit the switch inside which'll extend the bridge that leads to this Namek.