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Playstation Reviews

           This page here is going to be an index page for all of my Playstation reviews. As with many out there I grew up with a Playstation so this console holds a lot of great memories for me.

I will decide on a better format at some point in the future, my goal right now is just to catalogue my reviews. You'll notice that the pictures are out of place and some of them are formatted differently than others. I am currently experimenting and trying to decide what I like best. I may one day move my reviews to another website if I can never find a format that I like for them here. Keep in mind that this entire section is a work in progress, as you can see by me only having one or two games per console atm.


This console will be one of the last ones I write reviews for since the ps1 emulator totally sucks balls. I can barely get it working and even when I do get it working, I can tell that playing games with it just won't be enjoyable. Until a better one is released or I use my actual console i won't be doing many ps1 reviews.





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