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Nintendo Gamecube Reviews

           Nintendo Gamecube is actually one of my favorite consoles out there. It has a ton of really great games for it and the emulator for the game is absolutely perfect. It has very few kinks compared to the other emulators out there. I am talking about the Dolphin emulator which I would totally assume is a tongue in cheek reference to GC being called Dolphin before its release. I prefer using the emulator to playing on the actual console primarily because of the speed up button. It makes all the mundane tasks so much easier.


I will decide on a better format at some point in the future, my goal right now is just to catalogue my reviews. You'll notice that the pictures are out of place and some of them are formatted differently than others. I am currently experimenting and trying to decide what I like best. I may one day move my reviews to another website if I can never find a format that I like for them here. Keep in mind that this entire section is a work in progress, as you can see by me only having one or two games per console atm.


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