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Elf 12 - 15 Gondamon

1) Once you arrive back in Celondim take the horse to Duillond. Now from Duillond you have a long run all the way northwest to Gondamon.

2) Once you arrive in Gondamon set your Map Home here and accept all of the quests. Also talk to the Stable Master to get the Horsey path here. Once you're done in town head northeast out of town to Ringdale.

3) Here you'll want to kill 6 Dourhand Warriors, 3 Sturdy Dourhand, Collect Gellir's Sundered Shield and find Aglarchen. First up kill the Dwarves while you work your way towards the sundered shield.

4) The sundered shield is closer to Ringdale itself, look at my picture for a pretty precise location. Once you have the shield head further north into Ringdale. In Ringdale you'll find Aglarchen. Refresh your quest at him and defend him of the attacking dwarves. After you've defended him and helped him escape return to Gondamon and refresh your quests.

5) Now with a new batch of quests head out of town and kill 5 wolves around the outskirts for 5 wolf pelts. Work your way east while killing the wolves. After collecting all 5 wolf pelts head northeast to Glamir.

6) Once you reach Glamir refresh your quest then head north to Skithi Blackhand. Kill your way into the camp and then kill Skithi Blackhand himself. He's at the back of the camp, you honestly can't miss him. After you kill Skithi head east to Emyn Hoedh.

7) At Emyn Hoedh you have to kill the Wights for a Wight skull. Once you have that skull you can head far east to the eastern portion of Haudh Lin. Kill 7 Spiders over here then use your Map Home to return to Gondamon.

8) Back at Gondamon refresh all of your quests and head north out of town. Kill bears for 6 haunches of bear meat. After you've killed all the bears that you need, return to Glamir and refresh your supply of quests. Now from Glamir head southeast to Thrasi's Lodge. Refresh your supply of quests at the Lodge then talk to Langlas when you're ready to travel to a instance to finish up Chapter 1 for Elves and Dwarfs.

9) Once you're inside the instance refresh your quest at Langlas. Follow him into the area where you faught Skithi. Not to long after that he will stop at a campfire. After he stops at the campfire tell him you're ready to move one and continue following him. The next time Langlas kneels and you have to continue your quest will be the last! In a good way though. Right through that door is Hakon Ironfist. Kill him and his hendroval allies then talk to Langlas and tell him you're ready to travel now.

10) Back at the Hunting Lodge refresh your quest at Langlas and then head north to the abandoned bear den. Refresh your quest at the head of the den then kill 6 Hendrovals around it. Now that you've killed the vicious parakeets return to the bear den and continue your quest. After thats done head north into Haudh Lin. Up here you'll want to kill 5 Mound-Wights and a Mound-Wight Archer.

11) Also while you're in this area head back to where we had to collect the Wight Skull. At the far northern part of this area you'll see a large white stone shooting up into the sky. Run over to it and right click it to summon a Master Mound Wight that you need to kill. After you've killed all the Wights that you need return to Glamir and refresh your quests. Now return to Gondamon and turn in your two quests here.

12) After you've turned in your two quests in Gondamon head east back to Thrasi's Lodge. Refresh your quest then find Traps around the camp and search them for rabbits to feed the lynx. Once you find a rabbit carcass return to the lodge and refresh your quest yet again.

13) This time you need to head north of the lodge and collect 8 Sharp-Thistle plants. You can find them scattered throughout the landscape. Once you have all 8 return to Thrasi and refresh your quest. With the followup feed the Mead to the lynx and then turn in your quest. From the lodge head northeast to Svanr.

14) At Svanr refresh your quest and ignore the "Travel Now" Part, we'll come back for it. Head east into Kheledul. Inside Keledul you need to collect 6 Treasure-boxes. Once you have all 6 exit Kheledul and kill Starkath. Starkath wonders outside patroling up and down the wall to Kheledul. After you've killed Starkath and collected 6 Treasure boxes return to Svanr and tell him you're ready to Travel Now.

15) Once you're inside kheledul fight your way to the southeastern most end. Yes I said fight, sneaking through this place is just retardedly not possible. Eventually you'll come to Avorthal who is sitting on a boat. Before you refresh your quest make sure you're ready, because you're going to have to fight off a really angry dwarf and his guards. After you kill the dwarves that attack you refresh your quest at Avorthal and tell him you're ready to return to Thrasi's Lodge.

16) Back at the Lodge refresh your quests then head southeast to Duillond and refresh your quest. Then hop on a horse to Gondamon. Once you reach Gondamon turn in your quests then head south to Rath Teriag. When you're almost in Rath Teriag you'll come to a dwarf nammed Ingolfr. Accept his quest then continue south into Rath Teriag.

17) In Rath Teriag you need to kill 8 Spiders, 8 Melee Goblins and 8 Ranged Goblins. After you've killed all of the goblins and spiders return to Ingolfr and turn in your quest. Accept the followup and head back into Rath Teriag.

18) This time around you need to kill 9 Milkeyes. Essentially they're cave claws with another name. Return to Ingolfr after you've killed all 9 of them and refresh your quest yet again. Now head back into Rath Teraig and kill 6 Blue Crag Goblins and 6 Blue Crag Stingers. If you're an elf you'll have a racial trait to kill 50 Goblins, you should be getting close to it by now, i'd reccomend hanging around and finishing the job.

19) After you've completed your quest return to Ingolfr and turn in your quest. Return to the Hunting Lodge and refresh your quest at Langlas. Tell Langlas you're ready to travel now to be taken to the Rath Teraig instance. When you arrive talk to Avorthal who is right in front of you and tell him you're ready to continue. Follow Avorthal through this instance killing any goblins that attack you and protecting Avorthal.

20) Eventually you'll come to Avorthal's father who is lying on the ground. After a quick scene you'll have to fight off the goblins then you'll be given the option to return to Langlas. Take it and return to Langlas. Refresh your quest at Langlas then Map Home and hop a few horses to Bree. Once you're in Bree head east to the Pracing Pony. Inside talk to Barliman Butterbur and refresh your quest. Go down the Common Hall and find Strider's Room. (Continue where all the Races merge).

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