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Tequatl the Sunless

Tequatl the Sunless

Zone: Sparkfly Glen (55 - 65)

Closest Waypoint: Splintered Coast Waypoint

This is another extremely easy dragon to do. All you have to do is pretty much damage the dragon once he lands. Ranged and Melee are both able to attack him although he has a giant AoE fear and drops poison clouds both Ranged and Melee will have to move out of. At certain points during the fight Tequatl will also summon big fat guys that stomp around and attack everyone fighting him. It's important you take out these mobs as well as any other adds that come and attack you during this fight. If you don't you can quickly get overwhelmed and that is definitely no fun.

Also throughout the fight you will see a notice for the Asura Lazer charging up to fire at the dragon. Defend this lazer from the local risen that come out, when it fires it does a great deal of damage to the dragon.





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