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Scrolls of Wisdom Farming Guide

You should know that it's not that uncommon to run low on Scrolls of Wisdom especially early in the game. They are arguably one of the best things to have early in the game and are luckily quite easy to farm. To get started with farming Scrolls of Wisdom you will want to go to an area that is closest to your current level that way you can get experience while farming Scrolls here too. Before you enter the area you want to farm you will need to Reset it's instance if you have already cleared it.

To Reset an Instance in Path of Exile Watch This Video (40 Seconds long)

Once you're in an area with all new mobs for you to kill it's time to get killing! Now since we're farming for Scrolls of Wisdom primarily we are going to be picking up a lot of White Items; but not just any white item. You're going to want White Items that take up as little room as possible in your inventory. Things like Rings, Amulets, and items like those are the primary things we're after. Most of the whites you pick up will give you Scroll Fragments. As aforementioned 5 of these will turn into a Scroll of Wisdom when they're stacked up together.

You will want to focus on picking up items that only take up one line of your inventory as well as blue items that are Unidentified and of course rare items if you're lucky enough to come across one. Things like Daggers, Wands, Sceptres, Mana & Health Flasks, Rings, Amulets, are the only white items you will want to pick up. Everything else can stay on the ground. Below is a picture showing you a great example of the stuff you can cram into your inventory before having to make a return trip to town.

The only reason it's a little wonky where the mask is because the mask is a rare item. However you can see that there are a ton of regular items in my inventory, almost all of which will give me Scroll Fragments which I will be able to turn into Scrolls of Wisdom. Also during my little farming run I managed to find a bunch of other goodies as well, all of which hold some sort of value. Of course once you reach endgame farming for Scroll Fragments/Scrolls of Wisdom isn't going to be your main goal so keep in mind this is only for the starting part of the game.

With that Knowledge, I hope you've found great use from this guide!

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