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Computer Programs Guides

As a gamer there are different things you'll need to know to give yourself the most enjoyable gaming experience possible. Things like avoiding keyloggers and viruses, how to setup different programs on your computer to communicate with other gamers or really anything computer realted. After writing guides solely for games for the past 4 years I have learned many different things. Possibly the biggest thing I have learned though is not every gamer is tech savvy and a lot of the time people need help outside of the game.

That's where these guides come in!

On this section of my website I will be providing guides that are useful to anyone who owns a computer, not just fellow gamers. These guides will cover things like common computer errors, (RAM errors, Blue Screens of Death (BSoDs), how to setup Ventrilo to talk with fellow gamers on raids and the like, what Virus protection programs I recommend and why amongst many other things.

How to install Ventrilo Guide

Common Computer Errors Guide

How To Setup A Push to Talk Key in Skype

How to protect yourself against Viruses (What program to use)

Easy Tips for speeding up your Computer






























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