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Miragestone Recipes for JC 300 - 350

           Miragestone is one of the main things that you can purchase from The Bazaar to speed up raising your Jewelcrafting skill. There's quite a few recipes for you to make that involve Miragestone and farming them would take forever since they have a very low drop rate off basically every enemy between 50 - 90.

           The reason I created this page for Harmonagate, Taaffeite, Miragestone, Prestidigitase and Staurolite is because all of these gems are quite rare but you can generally find them in The Bazaar for a couple hundred plat each or so. Buying them from The Bazaar will greatly cut down on the amount of time spent farming. I mean -- just look at all the recipes you can eliminate with just this one item!!


Jewelcrafting Miragestone Recipes (7 Recipes)

Half-Moon Cut Miragestone

Marquise Cut Miragestone

Oval Cut Miragestone

Pear Cut Miragestone

Round Cut Miragestone

Square Cut Miragestone

Trilion Cut Miragestone

















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