Yitimis Groglenog GoD Brewing Quests

Yitimis Groglenog GoD Brewing QuestsYitimis Groglenog GoD Brewing Quests

For the Gates of Discord Brewing Quests you'll need to speak to Yitimis Groglenog; she is found in the same building as Ordin Wheasly which is who gives the Baking GoD quests. The building that Yitimis is in can be found off the deck of this boat.

Hail Yitimis Groglenog and follow through with all the dialogue, she'll give you Orange Juice and Wayfarer Spice which you'll want to combine in the Brewing Barrel that's located in the same room as Yitimis. You only need to do a single combine through "Experimentation".

After you complete a single successful combine you can expedite the entire Tradeskill process by using the "Make All" button on the Tradeskill window.

Spicy Sunrise

Once you make 100 Spicy Sunrise return them all to Yitimis to get the next set of materials. You don't have to give them to Yitimis in single stacks like EQ Traders says - full stacks work fine. Additionally you do not need to keep track of how many you make; each of these NPCs will give you the materials for the next set of items after completing the previous one.

Complete Spicy Sunrise to get 3 different items that are also combined in a Brew Barrel to make Vanilla Coffee. As you could imagine you'll also need to turn in 100 Vanilla Coffee in order to progress to the next item. Vanilla Coffee as well as its ingredients are shown in the picture below.

Vanilla Coffee

Galidnus' Glad Juice is what comes after Vanilla Coffee. These items are also combined in a Brew Barrel and should be easy enough for you to figure out yourself. There's only one final item to make after turning in 100 Galidnus' Glad Juice and that's Wayfarer Spice Wine.

Galidnus Glad juiceWayfarer Spiced Wine

Turning in 100 Wayfarer Spice Wine will complete this quest for you. Aside from the not so impressive reward of 54 Brewing Skill Points you'll also want to hail Yitimis Groglenog and say 'recipes' to get your true reward for completing this quest. These recipes are part of the process of raising your Tradeskills 300 - 350.

That's all there is to it!

Brewing Recipes




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