How to create Lucky Cabbage

Lucky Cabbage is one of the many different items that are used in the Earring of the Solstice quest. In order to make this item you'll need two ingredients, Wild Cabbage and Blessed Dust of Karana. The Blessed Dust of Karana is made with Pottery; it's an easy combine if you can get a Druid to imbue Plains Pebbles for you.


LettuceLucky Cabbage (Trivial 182)

Once you have all of the required ingredients, combine them together in a Mixing Bowl.

1 Blessed Dust of Karana

Lettuce1 Wild Cabbage



Blessed Dust of Karana (Trivial 103)

Once you have all of the required ingredients combine them together in a Kiln or Tanaan Kiln.

1 Celestial Essence

1 Imbued Plains Pebble (Have a level 29 Cleric or Druid who worships Karana imbue this item for you)

1 Jar of Acid


Celestial Essence: A quick tip for making a buttload of these without any need for farming - purchase Scent of Marr from Poison/Research vendors and combine that together with Concentrated Celestial Solvent to make Celestial Essence.