Hell Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Hell Overview

Hell is the final map of Baldur's Gate 2 and quite interesting. There are a total of 5 tests you can take here and you get a good and evil path for each of them. Each path will grant you permanent rewards for your character some of which are insanely good. You have the choice to pick the reward you want or do an all good/all bad route. You'll earn these rewards when placing the Tears of Bhaal into the door, which is how you proceed with this level.

When you collect all the Tears of Bhaal and you place them into the door you'll summon Irenicus and the final battle will begin. Make sure you buff up as much as possible for this fight and even position your characters in good spots. Irenicus will spawn at the door and a few enemies will spawn with him along the top wall.


Test of Wrath: You'll find Wraith Sarevok in this test and he'll provoke you into attacking him the entire time. Refusing to attack him is the "good" path and attacking Sarevok is the "bad" path. If you refuse to attack him eventually he'll attack you, you'll receive 20k EXP when defeating him.

Good: +1 Wisdom and +1 Charisma
Bad: +2 Strength

Test of Greed: For this test you'll meet a demon named Greed who will give you a weapon, Blackrazor +3, and instruct you to use it on the Enslaved Genie who is behind him. Killing the Genie is the bad path, giving the sword to the Genie is the good path. One unique thing about this task is if you give the sword to the Genie then force attack it - if you successfully kill the Genie before it teleports away then you can get the sword back. Killing the Genie will not affect you getting the "good" outcome.

Good: +2 to all Saving Throws
Bad: +15 Max Hit Points

Test of Selfishness: A demon named Selfishness will kidnap one of your companions and give you an option of going through 2 doors, one west and one east. The eastern door is the evil one and it will result in your companion getting killed (but you can rez them - unless they're Hexxat). If you go through the western door instead then you'll have to sacrifice 2 max Hit Points, 1 Dexterity and 75,000 EXP. This is the good path.

Good: +10% Magic Resistance
Bad: +2 AC

Test of Fear: In the Test of Fear you'll be offered a Nymph Cloak by the demon who stops you when you enter. This cloak is the Cloak of Bravery which will make you immune to Panic and Fear. Accepting the Cloak is the evil path and refusing to take the cloak is the good path. In this test you'll find 2 routes to the tear - the northern route has 3 Beholders and 2 Gauths and the southern route has a chest and a fear trap.

Good: Immune to Normal Weapons and +1 Weapons
Bad: +2 Constitution

Test of Pride: This is our final test and it involves your decision to kill a friendly dragon. If you tell the demon you will not kill the dragon then you'll be put on the good path. Agreeing to kill the dragon will put you on the evil path. This dragon drops quite a bit of good loot, Ring of Protection +2, Robe of the Evil Archmagi along with many spell scrolls such as Sphere of Chaos, Time Stop, Wail of the Banshee and more.

Good: +20% Cold, Electricity and Fire Resistance
Evil: 200,000 EXP plus loot from the dragon