Red Wizard Enclave Overview - Baldur's Gate 2

Red Wizard Enclave Overview

You can only gain access to the Red Wizard Enclave during Neera's Companion Quest, this zone will become available about 3/4 of the way through the quest. The entrance to the Red Wizard Enclave is in the northern portion of Waukeen's Promenade, you can find the door leading inside guarded by a Bouncer.

In the first room of this enclave you'll find multiple merchants that sell some unique items including various useful spells. For more information about this check out my Where to Buy Spells? page.



Merchants: This is the second most important room of the map, you'll find 4 different vendors in here each of which specialize in different wares. Gul Dukeem runs the counter and sells various items you may be interested in and then you also have the Scroll Merchant who sells a bunch of scrolls you may be interested in. Gul Dukeem carries the key that allows you access to the rest of the enclave.

Slave Pen: In the bar room just north of the Slave Pens you'll be able to loot a Slave Pen Key from someone's corpse which allows you to free these slaves for EXP. If you take the peaceful approach at first in this enclave then you'll be able to loot the Slave Pen Key from Lanneth later instead.

Lanneth: Here is where you'll have your show down with Lanneth. She will use King Gramm as a hostage during this dialogue but no matter what you say he'll end up surviving. Once defeated Lanneth will drop a Laboratory Key which lets you into the room behind her (not required) along with various other items.

Lanneth's Bedroom: You'll find some loot in this room along with Lanneth's Journal which will tell you how to free the Wild Mages being held prisoner in the room nearby.

Wild Mage Prison: This is the most important room of the map and the main thing that we're here for. Many of the mages from the Hidden Refuge can be found in these cells and they need to be opened in the correct order otherwise you'll get everyone killed. The correct order to open the cages is found below; I have included a picture too if you'd prefer the information presented in that way.

Correct Cage Order: 55, 13, 11, 42

Correct Order to Free Wild Mages
The Correct Order to free the Wild Mages