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Extract Aether Farming Guide

           This page will better help you understand what materials you can get out of what Vortexs while farming for Aether. Please note that you only get 1 materials and 1 item each time you extract, it is impossible to get 2 of the same item or even 2 different items.

Small Vortex Extracts

x1 Aether Powder

Big Vortex Extracts

x1 Aether Crystal
x1 High-Grade Aether Crystal

Shining Vortex Extracts

x1 Aether Gem
x1 Greater Aether Gem
x1 Pure Aether Gem
x1 Essence of Wind

Burning Vortex

x1 Aether
x1 High-Grade Aether
x1 Pure Aether
x1 Essence of Wind
x1 Brilliant Aether




















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