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Tecoma Log Farming Guide

Tecoma Log

           Tecoma Log is the lowest level wood used in the Handicrafting Profession. The only place you are able to collect Tecoma Logs is in Altgard. There are 3 different places in Altgard that I found worth mentioning when it comes to down to collecting Tecoma Logs. All 3 of these locations are listed below.

Best Area To Farm Tecoma Log

Tecoma Log Farming Location

           This is the best area for you to farm for Tecoma Log. The reason this area is the best is because there is just so much Tecoma Log up here. The only downside is the Mosbears in this area are high level. This means if you're below like 16 you'd probably be better off in the area below this since you'll be spending too much time killing up here.

           If you're a high level just looking to collect some Tecoma Log, then this is the place to be. Also if you're looking to raise your skill or collect some extra goodies you can find Kandula and more in this area.

Tecoma Log Farming Location

Tecoma Log Farming Location

           This is the area with the lowest level mobs of where you can find Tecoma Logs. Also while you're over here you can also collect Tikel Fiber for Tailoring. If you're level 10 - 14 I recommend this area over the Mosbear Habitat for the sole purpose of lower level mobs and less chance of dieing.

Another Tecoma Log Farming Location

Tecoma Log Farming Location

           This is an alternate area for you to get Tecoma Log. The only reason this area is worth mentioning is because there are 3 spawns of it all close together. While you're waiting for the logs to respawn you can etheir grind in the area or collect Kandula and other materials around the lake to the north.





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